David Starsky
Clan(s) Starsky Family
Basic Info
Parents Carol and Ivan
Litter-Mate(s) Lydia and Sean
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Ivan
Apprentice(s) Sean

David is role played by Sir Rock.


David was born in the Starsky family. His mother was Carol and his father was Ivan. He was the eldest of thee children. He has a younger sister named Lydia and a brother named Sean. He alwasy loved animals like his father and would bright home animals he found and care for them. When he grew older started helping his father as a reseacher at the camp site they live by.

Marine WarriorsEdit

David is a human or towleg who saved Clawsplash. He and his father Ivan work in the wild and researches. They monitor the population of bears, deer and other animals. They are aware of the cats that live in the area. David's last name is Starsky. David likes animals and has many pets including five cats now six with Clawsplash. David seems able to understand other animals but if he can speak their language is unknown. David doesn’t believe in euthanizing animals and all of his pets were saved. David was out with his father making their rounds, studying the animals. They had broght Mack so he could track the deer. Mack is partly blind and was hit but a car so he isn't quite right in the head so he mistook Clawsplash as a ball. David took the cat from Mack. He took Clawsplash to the vet with his father Ivan. The vet said that Clawsplash may not live but David was determent to take care of him. David names Clawsplash Splashes after the cat tried talking to him. Later his father brings home another cat named Hawkpaw. David also takes care of her as well and named her Hawk. The murderers of cat deeply troubles him. He took Windtail home with him. David laid down on his bed and fell alseep. He dreamed about a mountain of cat bones and eyes that never blinked. a huge monster cat, Demonclaw, was thrashing around looking for something. He located a gas mask that belong to the Cat Killer. Demonclaw threw it at David. He could see two eyes staring up at him and blood began to crawl up his legs. David then was covered in bones and he couldn't get out but Demonclaw had grabbed him by the arm and pulled him into the air. Demonclaw then dropped David and he fell off his bed which woke him.

Metallic WarriorsEdit

David appeared along with his brother Sean. His brother found a kitten and so David allowed him to keep the kitten. David was reseaching the local population of bats at the time.

David's PetsEdit


Splotch – a black and white tom with green eyes

Dixie – a small dusty brown she-cat with green eyes (She is really Sean's cat)

Harley – a big ginger tom

Bandit – a brown tabby she-cat, Bullet's sister

Bullet – a brown tabby she-cat, Bandit's sister

Clawsplash – a light ginger tom who is blind

Hawkpaw – a bright red she-cat with green eyes.

Windtail – a gray and white tom with yellow eyes


Mack – a big dog, a mix breed between Bluetick Coonhound and a Rottweiler

Brutus – a big brown boxer

Orestes – a scruffy mix breed, Brutus's adopted "son"


Kissy – a colorful small bird, she is a parakeet

Wild Life

Barky – an inued badger David found along with his companion named Sparky.

Sparky – a healthy juvinel badger


Mother: Carol

Father: Ivan

Sister: Lydia

Brother: Sean


Marine Warriors

Clawsplash OceanClan