Founders Dawnstar,Mudeye,Echoheart
Current Stats
Current Leader Dawnstar
Current Deputy Mudeye
Current Medicine Cat Echoheart
Apprentice(s) 3

DawnClan was like Skyclan, banished from the forest long ago. They journied long and hard to find their home, and were not forgotten.


Dawnstar was the first cat in this clan and became leader.


Mudeye became the first deputy choosen by Dawnstar.

Medicine CatEdit

When DawnClan was driven out of the forest, Echoheart was the medicine cat.

DawnClan MembersEdit

Leader: Dawnstar- A white she-cat with green eyes and a torn ear.

Deputy: Mudeye- A brown tom that got mud in his left eye when he was an apprentice, leaving it stained brown.

Medicine Cat: Echoheart- Grey she-cat with pale gold eyes.

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Rushfoot- brown tom with blue eyes.

Rainclaw- black she-cat with gold eyes

Wildtail- brown tom with grey on tail

Leopardfoot- fast-running black tom with blue eyes and a grey tail.

Tigertail- orange tom with black stripes on his tail and green eyes.

Apprentices (More the six moons old training to becoem warriors)

Pouncepaw- white she-cat with blue eyes.

Twilightpaw- black tom with blue eyes

Palepaw- brown she-cat with darker brown stripes and brown eyes

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits) Jayheart- blue she-cat with green eyes.

Elders (Retired warriors and queens) Lichentangle- grey tom with patched fur

Kits (Younger then six moons) Rainkit- grey tom with green eyes




DawnClan lives in an open moor that gets lots of sunlight. The Clan has very good eyesight,hence their name.

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