DawnClan symbol
Founders Dawnstar (Dawn), Ivyfang (Ivy), Robinheart (Robin), Tatteredear (Mousey)
Current Stats
Current Leader Dawnstar
Current Deputy Ivyfang
Current Medicine Cat Robinheart
Number of Members 43

DawnClan was created by a rogue named Dawn whose pelt was rumored to be as bright as the rising sun. He is still the current leader and the cats of his clan are like the dawn and rise in time to the sun.

Info Edit

DawnClan is new clan. They live in a mixed wood forest in Scotland. They share a border with DuskClan and dislike their preference of dark and shadows. Cats from DawnClan are always up before the sunrise and work hard until moonset. The clan was formed by Dawnstar along with his sister, Duskstar, who made DuskClan.

Territory Edit

DawnClan's territory is located in what the Twolegs call Houston wood. It is a mixed wood that is so far untouched by Twolegs. Notable landmarks include:

  • Camp - A large hollow within a forest grove
  • River grove – A large grove that is filled with rocks that has the main river running through it. Good for hunting voles and frogs but also for sunning
  • Star Rock – On the border between DuskClan and DawnClan. A large standing stone in a grove. Leaders and medicine cats use it to talk to StarClan. There is a stream running by it.
  • Gathering Grove - also on the border between clans, a large grove with a boulder near the DuskClan border and a stream near the DawnClan boulder. It is used for gatherings and clan neutral meetings.

The camp is in a hollow in a forest grove protected by rocks, brambles and ferns.

Warriors Edit

Leader Edit

Dawnstar - A light-grey tom with vibrant ginger spots. He has blue eyes and a very pale nose. Apprentice - Frostpaw

Deputy Edit

Ivyfang - A dark-brown she-cat with a black tail and dark green eyes.

Medicine Cat Edit

Robinheart - A brown tom with a white underbelly and yellow eyes. Brother of Harewhisker.

Warriors Edit

Patchclaw - A black she-cat with white patches and green eyes.

Harewhisker - A brown tom with orange eyes. Brother of Robinheart. Apprentice - Hollypaw

Tigercloud - A dark ginger tom with ember eyes and light ginger stripes.

Dappletail - A light grey she-cat with a dappled coat and yellow eyes. Sister of Eaglebreeze, Pebblesong and Fireblaze.

Spottedpelt - A black tom with brown spots and green eyes.

Mothfrost - A tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice - Rockpaw

Willowheart - A white and light-grey she-cat with green eyes.

Spotted-dust - A tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Pinefoot - A greyish-brown tom with blue eyes. Apprentice - Tinypaw

Poppywish - A dark ginger-red tom with copper eyes. Brother of Ivyclaw and Roseflame.

Ivyclaw - A black and brown tabby she-cat with orange eyes. Sister of Poppywish and Roseflame

Cloudfeather - A white tom with a black belly and gold eyes. Mate of Eaglebreeze Apprentice - Swiftpaw

Roseflame - A light ginger she-cat with black paws and orange eyes. Sister of Poppywish and Ivyclaw

Pebblepool - A small grey/brown tom with golden eyes. Apprentice - Mudpaw

Sandear - A golden tom with green eyes that looks slightly like a lion.

Smokewing - A dark grey tabby tom with gold eyes. Apprentice - Greypaw

Fireblaze - A she-cat with a vibrant ginger pelt and green eye. Sister of Eaglebreeze, Pebblesong and Dappletail.

Pebblesong - A brown coloured she-cat with gold eyes. Sister of Eaglebreeze, Fireblaze and Dappletail.

Apprentices Edit

Rockpaw - A large brown tom with golden eyes and coarse fur. Brother of Hollypaw and Swiftpaw.

Greypaw - A dark grey she-cat with yellow-green eyes. Her back paws are white. Sister of Mudpaw

Hollypaw - A dark ginger tom with a white tuxedo and blue eyes. Brother of Rockpaw and Swiftpaw.

Mudpaw - A dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes. Sister of Mudpaw

Frostpaw - A white tabby tom with copper eyes.

Swiftpaw - A black she-cat with green eyes and white markings. Sister of Rockpaw and Hollypaw.

Tinypaw - A black tom with green eye. Unusually small

Queens Edit

Eaglebreeze - A large golden-brown She-cat with copper eyes. Sister of Fireblaze, Pebblesong and Dappletail. Kits: Rainkit, Willowkit, Blossomkit, Beekit

Whiteleap - A pure white she-cat with orange eyes. Kits: Mintkit

Flamestripe - A tabby ginger she-cat with gold eyes. Kits: Lilykit, Tawnykit

Elders Edit

Icepelt - White tom with a large scar across his face and his left eye missing. His eye is green.Brother of Rosetalon

Rosetalon - A light ginger she-cat with a white face and blue eyes. Sister of Icepelt

Tatteredear - A deaf light-brown tom with yellow eyes. Both his ears are torn off and he has many scars on his flank. Originally named Mousefang.

Flaconwind - A blue-grey tabby tom with golden paws and a white underbelly. Has orange eyes.

Kits Edit

Antkit - A very small black she-cat.

Rainkit - A dark grey tom with a flecked pelt.

Willowkit - A brownish-grey she-cat.

Blossomkit - A white she-cat with light grey petal shaped markings.

Beekit - A tom with golden tabby fur.

Mintkit - A pale grey she-cat

Lilykit - A white tom

Tawnykit - a tan/ginger coloured tom

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