Clan(s) DawnClan
Gender Male
Rank Leader
Basic Info
Parents Mother - Vixen

Father - Sam

Litter-Mate(s) Duskstar
Mate(s) Whiteleap
Children Pebblesong, Eaglebreeze, Sunnyblaze, Dappletail, Mintkit
Apprentice(s) Harewhisker, Smokewing, Frostpaw
Previous name(s) Dawn

Dawnstar is a light-grey tom with vibrant ginger spots. His belly, legs, paws and bottom half of his face are also ginger. He has blue eyes and a pale nose. His fur is rough and coarse, his shoulders are muscular and he has strong, powerful back legs. His pelt is rumored to be as bright as the rising sun.

History Edit

Kithood Edit

Dawnstar was born to the rouge Vixen along with his sister Duskstar. They were named after the rising and setting sun so were named Dawn and Dusk. While his sister was completely grey like his mother, Dawn took after his father with the vibrant ginger in his pelt. When the two siblings were about 5 moons old their mother was killed by a monster.

Pre-clan Edit

Dawn and Dusk grew up on stories of brave cats who battled alongside their kin and noble warriors who would protect those who could not protect themselves. Dawn and Dusk help each other to hunt and fought their battles togther. They traveled for many moons of their life before settling within a wood in Scotland. Here Dawn made friends with many of the other cats within the forest. The prey ran freely here and cats were willing to share. Dawn was friends with Ivy, Robin and Mousey whereas his sister made friends with Sunny, Snowdrop, Ash and Stump.

One night Dawn and Dusk decided to sleep by a large standing stone. While sleeping here they were both reached by cat with stars in their pelts. They named themselves as Owlstar and Hazelstar. They explained to Dawn and Dusk that they were from StarClan and had traveled from a sky far away to tell them that they were destined to lead cats in a clans of their own. They were told to gather cats within the boulder grove on the next full moon where they would meet again.

DawnClan Edit

On the next full moon, Dawn brought his friends of the forest and his new mate, Cloud. He was the first of the siblings to receive his lives and name. Dawnstar was then told to name his deputy; he chose Ivy naming her Ivyflame. Another StarClan cat appeared after Dawnstar and Duskstar named their deputies (Redblaze for DuskClan), he said his name was Icewhisker and that he would mentor the two medicine cats of the clan. Robin volunteered for Dawnclan and was named Robinheart, Snowdrop asked to be the medcinecat for DuskClan and was named Snowtail.

Family Edit

Father: Sam, Kittypet

Mother: Vixen, Rogue

Siblings: Duskstar (sister, deceased)

Sons/Daughters: Pebblesong (female), Eaglebreeze (female), Sunnyblaze (female), Dappletail (female), Mintkit (female)

Nephews/Nieces: Spottedpelt (female), Nightshade (male)

Grandchildren: Rainkit, Willowkit, Blossomkit, Beekit