Dealing With Vandals (Elite Force Against Spam)
August 17, 2010
Removing all vandals from the wiki database
Current job
Removing Spam and Vandals
Working Members
Smoketail88, Aniju Aura, LostGod2000

No one likes to see articles messed up. Espeically if they are ones that you or someone you know wrote! That's why this wiki has a way to deal with vandals.

If you see a vandalized page...Edit

Click 'edit this page'. Once you are in the edit screen, write at the top of the page:

'This page has been vandalized. The wiki requests that you do not edit it until the vandalized part is removed.'

If you remove the vandalized part, remove the message from the page.

Click 'save'.

Now what?Edit

Go to an administrator's talk page and let them know. The vandalized part will be removed shortly.

Keep our database clean!

More InformationEdit

Ask any questions you have at the discussion page, one of the Elite Force Against Spam members will answer it.

Elite Force Against Spam is always open to new members! Just type a request at our discussion page!