Demonclaw OblivionClan
Clan(s) Both SpiritClan and OblivionClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) Unknown

Demonclaw is a phantom like cat who lives in the world beyond in the Underworld. He is the leader of OblivionClan. He is a big cat, far bigger then any living cat with four fangs and two wings. He also had huge claws as big as a bears and spikes like some terrible great lizards with bright blood red fur. He apprences whens oemthign bad is or has happen and it is a bad sign to see him. Demonclaw lives in SpiritClan and the Underworld but he is counted as a member of both group. He can leave the after life unlike the cats who live in the Underworld and can be seen by the living cats. He can be seen without the need of a vision.

Marine WarriorsEdit

Demonclaw's Cave

Demonclaw's Cave

Demeclaw appeared in Marine Warriors in chapter 2 Looks Like Rain. He was seen circiling Clawsplash while he was having his vision. Clawsplash got a prophecy from Whitestar.
“It can kill, it can murder, it can end lives. It only strikes at the silence of night. It has two to run and one to slash. You cannot fight it but you need another one just like it. Go get help from the person who helped you. Only one of them like the killer cat save you. Go back to the twolegs.”

Demonclaw was thrashing around in the dark but could not get close because of the light Whitestar was shining on Clawsplash but as soon as she left Demonclaw pounced on Clawsplash which ended the vision. Since Clawsplash wasn't dead, Demonclaw couldn't take him to the after life or the Underworld were Demonclaw reigns.

Blizzard WarriorsEdit

While Quaverpaw was out hunting she sighted the big demon cat in the snow. He charge at her and chased her away. Later a kittypet named Raichu saw him too. Demonclaw returned to his world, he was a bad opem for IceClan.

Tropical WarriorsEdit

Demonclaw was in Foxtail's dream. Vines had covered her body and she couldn' more. A dark shpae was going to kill Foxtail but Demonclaw attacked it and they got in a fight. Foxtail couldn't see Demonclaw so well do to the dark.


  • Demoncalw and Whitestar are considered to be opposites.
  • Demonclaw can travel to SpiritClan, the Underworld and the Land of the Living when ever he wants.
  • Demonclaw can be seen without visions.