Dragonstar TerraClan
Clan(s) TerraClan
Basic Info
Parents Mother and Scarface
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) Brownstripe
Children Streamfeather
Mentor(s) Runningfoot (Now an Elder)
Apprentice(s) None


Dragonkit was kitted shortly after TerraClan was driven from their lush, green forest home and driven to their rocky, dusty underground camp. He was the only kit in his mother's first and only litter. Dragonkit was kitted only a few minutes before Lostkit was kitted. His name was formed from the mythical beasts named dragons that the Elders had told Scarface when he was a kit.


Dragonkit was apprenticed when Platinumstar was leader. He was named Dragonpaw and was given Runningfoot as his mentor. Runningfoot passed all of her wisdom down to Dragonpaw, making him highly respected among all of TerraClan, as was Runningfoot. Runningfoot also passed her extrodinary hunting and combat skills down to him, using training methods of retrying and retrying until Dragonpaw mastered it. Then, she taught him a new skill.

Being a WarriorEdit

After 15 moons of persistant training, Runningfoot reported to Platinumstar to hold Dragonpaw's naming ceremony. Dragonpaw was renamed Dragonclaw, and was immediantly made a favorite warrior. He truly showed that Runningfoot had taught him well.


Lostheart has been secretly holding a grudge against Dragonclaw. From kithood, he was jealous of Dragonclaw. He was made an apprentice a day later than Dragonpaw and made a warrior two moons later, despite his extrodinary hunting and combat skills. He was always savage, occasionally tearing a piece of prey to a bloody pulp out of anger, and as a result was named Lostheart. He wants to kill Dragonclaw.


Dragonclaw was made deputy when Rubyheart was killed, thought to be in battle but presumably killed by Lostheart, in hopes that he would become deputy and eventually leader. But instead, Dragonclaw was chosen because of his extrodinary popularity among the Clan.

Becoming LeaderEdit

Dragonclaw became leader when Platinumstar lost his last life when he was covered by an unexpected rockslide. Because he was deputy, he was automatically made leader in place of Platinumstar. Lostheart's grudge darkened to pure hate. He traveled to a secret place called the Moonplace during the night to meet with StarClan and recieve his honorary nine lives in honor of becoming a leader.

Last LifeEdit

Dragonstar lost his last life in a battle with a swarm of badgers. Polarfrost had moved into the elder's den and Thornwhisker had become deputy. So Thornwhisker succeded Dragonstar by becoming leader and getting his nine lives.


Dragonstar was a black tabby-tom with an amber, white, and gold grand head. He had piercing green eyes.