Dropfall is a mottled brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Dropfall GrassClan
Clan(s) GrassClan
Basic Info
Parents Splashfur and Sarah
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) Polepelt
Children None yet
Mentor(s) Darkeyes
Apprentice(s) Iceheart, Waterpaw (current)

Kit LifeEdit

Dropkit was born as the only kit in her litter to Splashfur and Sarah. Just after she was born, her father brought her back to camp saying he had found a lost kit by the border with LeafClan and brought it back to GrassClan for safety. He said this because he didn't want anyone to know that he had a kittypet as his mate. So Dropkit was nursed by another queen, Sunleaf, until she was an apprentice. No cat knew she was Splashfur's kit.

Apprentice LifeEdit

Dropkit soon became Droppaw and was an apprentice. Her mentor was Darkeyes and he was very harsh. Even so, Droppaw still thought he was the best. All through her apprenticeship, Droppaw did not know that Splashfur was her father and a kittypet was her mother. Even when she mastered new and hard fighting moves, she boasted to Sunleaf, not to Splashfur.

Warrior LifeEdit

After moons of training, Droppaw became a warrior known as Dropfall. During her early warriorship, every cat notices that Splashfur, her father, has been getting unusually close to Dropfall. Still not knowing that she was his kit, the Clan expected Dropfall to move into the nursery with Splashfur's kits any day now. Splashfur didn't like the speculations that were going around, so he told the entire Clan his secret. Splashfur was exiled. Now Dropfall has a real mate, Polepelt, and every cat thinks that she's going to be in the nursery with his kits any day now.....