Duskmouse JungleClan
Clan(s) JungleClan
Basic Info
Parents Splash (Mother), Tadpole (Father)
Litter-Mate(s) Web (brother), Reed (brother), Milo (brother), Mila (sister)
Mentor(s) Reedberry
Apprentice(s) Tigerstrike
Duskmouse is a small, dusky brown tom with glittery amber-brown eyes that glow in the moonlight.

Roleplayed by 4pinkbear.


Duskmouse was originally born a rogue to Splash and Tadpole. His name was Dusk for his unusual dusky pelt. He was a skilled hunter and fighter, but his siblings got jealous one day, and they dropped him into fairly deep hole. He waited an entire night for help, wailing for someone to find him. Soon, a young warrior named Reedberry found him, and pulled him out. Dusk became her apprentice, and soon he was made a warrior, Duskmouse, because he had pretty much learned how to do it already.