Chapter OneEdit

"So, you're telling me, that you are here to take us back to our territory?" asks a stunned Tallstar to their visitors. Fireheart and Greystripe both nodd. Tallstar turns to his clan and yowls, "Does my clan belive them?" Mirrows of mixed statements spread through out the camp, and Dustflame turns to Mosslegs and asks, "Do you belive them?" She shakes her head and says, "But I wouldn't want to live here for the rest of my life." She gets to her paws and yells, "I belive them!" The camp grow silent and stare at her, untill Tallstar nodds and says, "Then we follow them to our rightful home!" He jumps down from his perch and follow Fireheart and Greystripe out of camp back to the forest with the rest of camp slowly following him. Dustflame looks forward and asks Mosslegs, "Do you think Shadowclan will attack us again? Hope they don't." She snort and replies, "I'm thinking more of the oppisite. Except I don't want to get the clan hurt." Just then, they see Tallstar stop, talk to Fireheart, then walk into another direction. Dustflame and Mosslegs look at each other and she asks, "Wonder where we're going this time." Suddenly, Dustflame stops and sniffs the air. Mosslegs tilts her head and asks, "What's wrong? Smell something?" He opens his mouth and then gets pinned down by a Riverclan warrior. Mosslegs looks around and sees tons of Riverclanners attacking Windclan and then sees four warriors clawing Dustflame. She snarls and rams one off of him and claws another in the face. "Come at it then!" She snarls. Dustflame staggers up then falls and rasps, "Go, Mosslegs, save yourself." Mosslegs bites one cats leg and digs her claws into anothers shoulder when she is pinned down herself. She is clawed in her face repeditly and the world is starting to black out, when she feels her chest getting lighter. She feels someone helping her up and blinks the blood out of her eyes when she sees a black tom with a grey stripe leading from his chest to his face. The tom stares at her and tilts his head, "Mosspaw?" She is about to say something when she sees Dustflames body covered in blood. She rushes over to him and puts him on her back and staggers toward the other cats. The tom walks over to her and puts Dustflame on his back and leads them both to Thunderclan camp.

Chapter TwoEdit

As they help Dustflame to Thunderclan's medicine den, Mosslegs turns her head and sees Riverclan cat's running and limping away. She turns fully around, fluffs her fur out, and snarls, "Yeah you better run! Run you mousebrains, while you still have paws!" Dustflame lifts his head a little bit and rasps, "You look good with your fur like that." Mosslegs licks her neck fur down and smirks, "And you look good with half a ear." He works a smile and rests on Mosslegs' shoulder untill they get to the sweet smelling medicine den. As she rests him into a nest, the black tom that helped her pads up to her and asks, "You ok now, Mosspaw?" Mosslegs turns to him and growls, "The names Mosslegs, and who in Starclan are you?" The tom blinks in surprise and dips his head, saying, "It's me, Blackpaw, well, now Blackfire." Mosslegs' eyes soften and she circles Blackfire. He follows her gaze and she snorts, "You haven't changed a bit, I see." Blackfire sends out a short mrrow in laughter and purrs, "You haven't changed, either." Mosslegs sits next to Dustflame's nest and watches his chest slowly heave as he sleeps. Blackfire sits next to her and stares down at Dustflame. He tilts his head and says, "You like him, don't you?" Mosslegs doesn't reply, but nods in response. "He's the only one who trusts me," she murmurs. Blackfire nods and says, "But you were born in Thunderclan. It won't be long before you miss it." Mosslegs heaves a sigh, "I guess so." As Blackfire pads away, Mosslegs nests herself next to Dystflame and closes her eyes. She feels his body move and opens her eyes to see him staring out into the clearing. "If you want to move, you can, you know," she mews. He quickly turns to her and awkwardly nods. He slowly gets up, stretches, and quielty walks out of the med den, Mosslegs in tow. "Where are you going? You're supposed to stay in the medicine den," she whispers. He turns to her and mews, "I know wherever I go, you always follow." Mosslegs' throat rumbles in a sift purr as they pad out of Thunderclan camp. They pass a sleeping cat at camp entrence and trot into the forest. Dustflame spots a log and hurries into it, leaving a confused Mosslegs. When Mosslegs catches up to him, she sniffs the air and smells rain. "I deffinatly know you won't ever be a Riverclan cat." Mosslegs bumps into a part of the log as the night gets darker and Dustflame purrs, "And you will never be a Shadowclanner." They both share a laugh and snuggle up for the night. Before Mosslegs closes her eyes, Dustflame asks, "Do you love me?" Mosslegs licks her paw and nods. "Well, I was wondering..." he trails off as Mosslegs twines her tail with his. "You don't have to say it for me to say yes," she purrs." His eyes warm up and they sleep throughout the night, head on top of head.

Chapter ThreeEdit

As dawn approaches, the two cats pad back to Thunderclan camp in time to see Tallstar thanking Bluestar for letting them stay. "We will never forget your hospitality, Bluestar. Now, we shall make sure that Windclan will never make you think otherwise." Bluestar dips her head in response and lets the Windclanners pad out of Thunderclan camp. Before Mosslegs could catch up with them, Blackfire steps in her way. "What? You're blocking my path, Blackfire, What do you want?" she demands. "I just want to talk to you at the Gathering, please, try to come," he pleads. Mosslegs looks over his shoulder and sees the Windclan cats getting farther away and sighs, "Fine, but just because I have nothing else to do." He nods and lets her catch up with her clan. As she quickens her pace, Dustflame looks over his shoulder and sees Blackfire staring back at Mosslegs. "What's with him, you know him?" Mosslegs nods and replies, "Trust me, let's just keep it at that." They pass Riverclan's border and now is in Windclan's. The smell of Shadowclan and Riverclan is overwhelming, and Mosslegs breaths a sharp gag. "What is it?" Dustflame asks, "You smell something?" Mosslegs shakes her head and trots over to a boulder. She marks it with Windclan scent and breaths a sigh of relief, "I swear, the more scent of Windclan there is, the better I will be." Windclan camp is in view and Mosslegs quickens her pace. She soon finds out that she is running, desperetly, and jumps in delight. Thank Starclan! she thinks, Where can I get a place to sleep? I'm exhausted! She sniffs around the camp and bumps into a cream-pelted queen with two kits behind her. "Sorry, I didn't see you there," Mosslegs says. The queen snorts and replies, "I should've known to never trust a blind Thunderclanner." Mosslegs blinks a step back in surprise and watches the queen and her squealing kits pad into the nursery. Sighing, Mosslegs walks into the warrior den and curls up into a small nest.

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