Dustflame is a orange and brown tom, yellow eyes, and has a cut on his left ear.


He is the son of Breezeclaw and Brownpelt and the brother of two unknown kits. he was the color of the dust on the floor of the nursery so that is why they called him Dustkit. He is the biggest of his litter and tends to run off when nobody is looking and gets in trouble a lot because of this. He is slow to think and prefers to talk then fight when it comes to a battle. He gets a scar on his ear when he has his first battle when Shadowclan attacks and left a deep scar on his shoulder. He has kitty pet blood because Breezeclaw's, his father, great grandmother was a kittypet.


When Windclan is being driven out by Shadowclan, he first meets and is saved by Mosspaw, a pretty Thunderclan cat. He falls for her when she saves him and takes her to their temporary camp to see if she can be in Windclan. When Tallstar thanks her for saving his apprentice and lets her be in Windclan, Dustpaw is excited by this and gets embarressed when Mosspaw asks why he is. Later when Mosspaw wakes up and goes on a fence to think, he followers her and asks her if she feels welcome in Windclan. She replies that she misses her home, but that whever he is, she will follow. They make a small nest and sleep there untill morning, possibly meaning she likes him also. A few moons pass and they get their warrior names, Dustflame and Mosslegs. He cheers the loudest when she gets her name, but she is furious that she gets a 'dumb name' like that. He calms her down by saying that he likes her name and she fluffs up nervously. When Firepaw and Greypaw come to take Windclan back to their old territory, Mosslegs and Dustflame are now mates. They have three kits, but only one is his because Mosslegs takes Blackfire in as her mate so no one will think other wise. Silverpelt likes Dustflame but hates Mosslegs, possible because she can't have kits and Mosslegs can. When Mosslegs and Dustflame argue and end their friendship, Silverpelt tells Dustflame that she loves him, but he doesn't return the favor, but let's her as his mate anyway.

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