Duststar and Newtstar used to be the closest sibligs ever, until Dustar found it unbearable to stay in his more popular brother's shadow. Now, as a rogue, Duststar, then Dustleap, begins to plot revenge....



Leader: Thrushstar- Muscular brown tom with green eyes

Deputy: Yellowstripe- Black tom with yellow stripes

Medicine cat: Sweetwind- Black she cat


Sparrowwing- Dusty brown tom

Wolfpelt- grey she cat 

Redwing- Red tom

Newtstep- Grey tom with black markings

Spiderclaw- Black tom 

Copperstrike- Brown tom

Feathersplash- Grey she cat with a scar down her shoulder


Windclaw- Brown she cat, mother of Russetkit, Smokekit, Hailkit and Mallowkit

Brokensnow- White she cat with brown stripes, expecting Yellowstripe's kits


Stormtooth- Elderly grey tom with amber eyes, former deputy

Cats outside the clans

Hans- Black tom with orange eyes

Shallot- Bluish grey she cat with yellow eyes

Dustleap- Brown tom with white markings, former HawkClan member


Newtkit raced after his brother, his pelt ruffled. "Come back Duststar of BraveClan! Or are you Scaredstar of CowardClan!" Dustkit gave a playful growl and leapt for him, but Newtkit dodged out of the way. "Can't you do something better?"

"Yeah I can!" Dustleap said, tackling the grey kit to the ground. "That good enough for you?" Newtkit smiled and nodded. "You know, we may have our differences, but we're still the best of friends, right Dustkit?" Newtkit asked his brother. "Yeah" Dustkit said. "And whe we have kits of our ownn, they will be best of friends, right?"


Dustleap awoke from his dream. "Newtstep!" he yelled, looking around worringly. He gave a heavy sigh