Duststar EarthClan
Clan(s) EarthClan
Basic Info
Parents Cloverleaf anf Heavypelt
Litter-Mate(s) Smokepelt
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Boulderfoot
Apprentice(s) None


Dustkit was born in EarthClan. Her mother was Cloverleaf and her father was Heavypelt. Dustkit had one litter-mate brother named Smokekit. AT the time of Duststorm's birth, Earthstar was still the leader. Soon Dustkit and Smokekit were old enough to become apprentices.


Dustpaw's mentor became Boulderfoot. She and her brother Smokepaw became good friends with the only other apprentice Pinepaw. During her training, Earthstar died and Rockstar became the new leader.


Rockstar named her Duststorm and she became a full fledge Warrior. Duststorm and her brother Smokepelt and Pinefoot were actually the first apprentice made into a warriors by Rockstar.


After Stoneclaw's death, Rockstar named Duststorm the new deputy. Duststorm took her new responibility seriously.


Duststorm became the leader and was named Duststar. She named Pinefoot deputy. Duststar is still the leader of EarthClan.



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