Dusttail was once the Medicine Cat of BayClan.



The first thing Dustkit did after he opened his eyes was look at a herb and pick it up.  His mother Maplebreeze knew he would make a great medicine cat.  After hearing his mom say that he wanted to be a medicine cat apperentice.  He told Baystar this and former medicine cat Treepelt became his mentor.


Treepelt showed him where the herbs grew and how to treat wounds and sicknesses.  Treepelt showed him how to treat wounds and use the herbs.

Medicine CatEdit

Dustpaw finally got his Full Medicine Cat name Dusttail.  He worked alongside Treepelt for some time.  One day he found out that his mother Maplebreeze had greencough.  Dusttail couldn't get the cure to her in time and Maplebreeze died that night.  Dusttail felt like he had failed but Treepelt gave him some mentorly encoragment and he lightened up.  Dusttail's happiness didn't last long because a few moons later Treepelt was killed by an earthquake.  Dusttail now had an even bigger responsablity because he was the only medicine cat in BayClan.


About 2 moons after Treepelt's death Dusttail got his first apperentice Rosypaw.  Rosypaw learned quickly

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