Kithood Edit

Eaglekit was born half-blind to an unnamed mother with his brother Waterkit. They both played with each other happily, enjoying their time together.

Apprenticeship Edit

Eaglekit and Waterkit were ready to be apprenticed and became Eaglepaw and Waterpaw, and were mentored by newly named warriors Fishfur and Gorgeheart. They trained fast together.

Becoming a warrior Edit

Eaglepaw and Waterpaw recieve their warrior names Eaglefeather and Watertail. Eaglefeather soon finds a mate, a LightClan cat named Beigepelt, and she had three kits.

Death Edit

Eaglefeather died during hunting, when he walked onto the Steampath accidentally.

Appearance Edit

Eaglefeather was a brown tom with amber eyes.

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