Founders Earthstar, Heavypelt, Hummingwind, Whitefoot, Muckfur, Mousefoot, Max, Scuffy, Rockpelt, Pebblepelt and Stoneclaw
Current Stats
Current Leader Duststar
Current Deputy Pinefoot
Current Medicine Cat Midnightpaw

EarthClan formed a year before FireClan, AirClan and WaterClan. EarthClan was the first to form from allycats, kittypets an ex-RiverClan medicine cat and two ex-warriors. Mubpaw was once in this Clan but left and joined FireClan.


Earthstar was the first leader. Now the group is lead by Rockstar. After the death of Rockstar, Duststar became leader.


Heavypelt was the first deputy till he retired due to old age and Rockpelt became deputy till he became leader. Stoneclaw became deputy till his death. Duststrom became the following deputy. When she became leader she amed Pinefoot the next deputy.

Medicine Cat

Hummingwind was the first Medinice Cat who was stole from RiverClan long ago. His apprentice Pebblepelt became the new Medicine Cat after Mudpelt left to join FireClan. A stay she-cat by the name of Midnight became Pebblepelt's apprentice. Midnightdream is now the medicinde cat.

EarthClan Members

EarthClan has 28 members. Leader: Duststar – a light brown she-cat with yellow eyes

Deputy: Pinefoot – a light grey tom with blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Midnightdream – a blue black she-cat with yellow eyes

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Smokepelt – a grey tom with dark flanks Apprentice Sandpaw

Smallfoot – a black and grey tom Apprentice Lizardpaw

Happyheart – a white tom with a pink nose

Whiskertail – a fluffy black and white tom Apprentice Lionpaw

Friskystep – a fluffy grey tom with green eyes Apprentice Brackenpaw

Stonedust – a grey tabby tom Apprentice Cinderpaw

Quicksilver – a sleek silver tabby she-cat

Greyrock – a grey tom with blue eyes

Apprentices (More the six moons old training to become warriors)

Sandpaw – baige tom with green eyes Mentor Smokepelt

Lizardpaw – a baige she-cat with green eyes Mentor Smallfoot

Lionpaw – a golden tom Mentor Whiskertail

Brackenpaw – a brown tabby she-cat Mentor Friskystep

Cinderpaw – a grey tabby tom Mentor Stonedust

Rushpaw – a ginger tom Mentor Quicksilver

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Gingerleaf – a ginger she-cat with green eyes (Permanent Queen)

Lillytail – a light baige she-cat (Mother of Beetlekit)

Asphodelfur – a fluffy baige she-cat (Mother of Barbkit and Salamaberkit)

Lynxpelt – a light yellow baige she-cat (Expecting)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Boulderfoot – a mottled brown tom, now blind

Steelclaw – a silver tom with yellow eyes

Daisyfur – a brown and black tabby she-cat

Larkstripe – a tan tom with a dark stripe down back

Heatherfur – a light ginger she-cat with green eyes

Whitefoot – a black and white she-cat with white paws, Oldest Cat in EarthClan

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Beetlekit – a brown tabby tom

Barbkit – a black tom with a stumpy tail

Salamanderkit – a sleek grey tom

All Known Members

A list of cats born or join EarthClan

Earthstar – a big tan yellow tom with blue eyes; formerly Leader of EarthClan now in SpiritClan

Cloverleaf – a creamy baige she-cat with blue eyes, now in SpiritClan.

Hummingwind – a long hair tan tom; formerly EarthClan Medicine Cat now in SpiritClan

Muckfur – a dark brown tom, now in SpiritClan

Mousefoot – a black and white she-cat, now in SpiritClan

Max – a tabby tom now in SpiritClan

Scruffy – a long-hair grey tom now in SpiritClan

Stoneclaw – a light gray tom with blue eyes Now in SpiritClan

Heavypelt – a elderly thick orange tom with a white chest and paws, formerly the deputy now in SpiritClan

Rockstar – dig rusty brown tom with grey flanks do to age, former Leader now in SpiritClan

Gravelclaw – a grey tom with yellow eyes Now in SpiritClan

Pebblepelt – a spotted grey she-cat now in SpiritClan

Ambertail – a dark ginger tabby she-cat SpiritCla


Their main rivals are WaterClan. Then FireClan formed. Then AirClan is on the other side of FireClan so they don't encounter them much since they are far away.


EarthClan's occupised a gravel pit, a thick forest outside of the twolegged's campsite and a small canyon. Their campy is in s rock pale under a massive tree. Rabbits long ago once lived their but now only their tunnels remain. The leader's den is under a bush inside a rabbit hole. The deputy and medicine cat's den are alos rabbit holes. The warriors sleep in a cavren beisde the nursry and the apprentices' den it a small hole covered by a fallen hollow tree.

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