Earthstar EarthClan
Clan(s) EarthClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Unknown
Children Unknown
Mentor(s) None (Because he was the very first leader of EarthClan)
Apprentice(s) None

All credit about Earthstar goes to Aniju Aura.:D

Becoming EarthClanEdit

Earthstar was stolen by the Twolegs and made a kittypet. (From where he was stolen is unknown. Possibly from another Clan.) Eventually, he left his Twoleg home and went to live with some alley cats named Rock, Max, Scruffy, and Pebble. He then gathered many, many other loners and kittypets and made EarthClan. He was made leader because he founded EarthClan.

Appointing DeputyEdit

Earthstar hadn't gotten the chance to appoint a deputy because all of the kittypets and loners needed training in the new ways of Clan life. He was about to appoint Heavypelt deputy, but Heavypelt was ready to retire. So, Earthstar ended up appointing Rockpelt.


Earthstar lost some of his nine lives defending EarthClan and WaterClan from the foxes that attacked the camps.


As Earthstar lost his last life nobly fighting the foxes, Rockpelt assumed leadership and went to get his nine lives.


Earthstar is a brown tom with glistenning hair and yellow eyes. One of his ears is torn.