Founders Flowerstar, Eagleclaw, Ferntail, Battleclaw, Fishtail, Songhearted and Dandelionfur
Leader(s) Flowerstar and Eaglstar
Deputy(s) Eagleclaw and Battleclaw
Medicine Cat(s) Ferntail
Current Stats
Current Leader Eaglestar
Current Deputy Battleclaw
Current Medicine Cat Ferntail
Number of Members 23
Warrior(s) 7
Apprentice(s) 5
Relatives 2
5 5
1 1
Owner Aniju Aura

EchoClan was the last of the four to be formed by the ex-BloodClan, rouges and kittypets cats who came to live in the Land of Fire. They were also the last to be named and the last to find a territory. This clan was formed by only seven cats who settled in the conyon system filled by a river. The clan has grown due to the females litters.


When the group first formed Flowerpelt become the leader and took the name Flowerstar. A moon after the birth of her kits, she was lost when a lone wolf had broken into the den. Eaglestar became the new leader after.


Eagleclaw became Flowerstar's deputy shortly after the clan was formed. Battleclaw became deputy when Eaglestar ascended to leaderhood after Flowerstar's tragic death. 

Medicine Cats

Ferntail was the appretice of a medicine cat before she was stolen and had to live with humans. Now she is the EchoClan's Medicine Cat. Leafpaw became Ferntail's apprentice. 


EchoClan has 19 members.

Leader: Eaglestar – a yellow she-cat with tan stripes and blue eyes

Deputy: Battleclaw – a short haired tabby tom Apprentice Littlepaw

Medicine Cat: Ferntail – a grey and white she-cat with green eyes Apprentice Leafpaw

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Fishtail – a sleek black tom Apprentice Pepperpaw

Songheart – a long haired silver grey she-cat Apprentice Blossompaw

Bisonstrike – a dark brown tom with dark eyes Apprentice Russetpaw

Coyotefang – a sleek brown tom with a white underside

Salomshimmer – a fluffy tan she-cat with green eyes

Creekrush – a sleek gray tom with blue eyes

Pebblespot – a light gray she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Littlepaw – a small ginger tom Mentor Battleclaw

Russetpaw – a sleek black she-cat Mentor Bisonstrike

Blossompaw – A white she-cat with ginger patches Mentor Songheart

Pepperpaw –a a gray and white she-cat Mentor Fishtail

Leafpaw – a light ginger tom with green eyes Mentor Ferntail

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Dandelionpelt – a long haired she-cat with ember eyes (Mother of Blossomkit, Pepperkit and Leafkit)

Moosefur – a black and brown she-cat with amber eyes (Exptecting kits)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Grizzlefoot – a brown tabby tom with big shoulders, left foot heavly scarred and blind in one eye

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Elkkit – Grey sandy kit with blue eyes (mother is Moosefur Pineconekit – grey kit with green eyes (mother is Moosefur

Bearkit – twany black and brown kit with amber eyes (mother is Moosefur)

Berrykit – tabby she-cat with a white chest and underside (moster was Flowerstar, fostered by Dandelionpelt)

Oakkit – silver tom with crystal blue eyes (mother was Flowerstar, faster by Dandelionpelt) 


EchoClan's main rivals are BlazeClan. Thier other rivals are ForestClan and StormClan.


EchoClan lives in a canyon near the platue. There is a river in their canyon where they hunt for fish, water voles, mice, lizards and birds. Soemtimes they hunt rabbits and otters.

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