Warrior cats clan symbol base by deliciohhusly demonic-d2z4l64
Founders Gemstar, Turtlefur
Leader(s) Opalstar, Lightningstar, Echostar
Deputy(s) Lightningpelt, Clovertalon, Echosun, Flamestep
Medicine Cat(s) Hollypool, Raggedspirit, Seedflame
Current Stats
Current Leader Echostar
Current Deputy Flamestep
Current Medicine Cat Seedflame
Warrior(s) Spiritshadow, Greybird, Swanheart, Tigereyes
Apprentice(s) Nightpaw, Oakpaw, Waterpaw,
Relatives Mousemoon, Dewsong
Swiftkit, Foxkit, Wingkit, Eaglekit Swiftkit, Foxkit, Wingkit, Eaglekit
Shadowsun, Iceheart Shadowsun, Iceheart

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