Emeraldsky MetalClan
Clan(s) MetalClan
Basic Info
Parents Makonki and Opsrey
Litter-Mate(s) Falco
Mate(s) Mercurywing
Children Topazclaz MetalClan, Onyxfang MetalClan, Rudypaw, Zincpaw and Chromepaw
Mentor(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) None

Emeraldsky is role played by Aniju Aura.


Emeraldsky is a calico she-cat with green eyes who lives in MetalClan. Before she joined MetalClan, she was born a stray in an ally. Her mother was Makonki and Osprey. She had one brother named Falco, who later was able to be adopted into a home. At a year of age she wondered into the forest and met Metalstar and his small group of stray cats. She was one of the nine cats who helped form MetalClan. She became mates with Mercurywing and gave birth to Topazclaw and Onyxfang. A little later she gave birth to Rudypaw, Zincpaw and Chromepaw. After Mercurywing died, Emeraldsky was very sad along with his former apprentice Topazclaw. Emeraldsky soon returned to being an active warrior after her three kits became apprentices. Emeraldsky is still in MetalClan today.


Mother: Mokanki

Father: Osprey

Brother: Falco

Mate: Murcerywing

First litter fathered by Mercurywing

Topazclaw and Onyxfang

Second litter fathered by Mercurywing

Rudypaw, Zincpaw and Chromepaw