Fallenheart is a former rogue and a now member of StarClan. He was the second mate of Twistedstar, a well-known leader, and fathered her last kit, Whisperstar. He died of old age at the end of a peaceful life and with his son and grandchildren around him.

History/Biography Edit

Before Events of the Series Edit

Fallenkit was born to his mother, Burnface, and his father, Duskclaws, along with his sister, Dawnkit. Since his pack had a matriachy instead of a Deputy-Leader leadership path, he was the heir to his father's leadership.

He lived in peace until he was attacked as an apprentice by his father's biggest rival for his leadership. He was almost murdered and because of this, his father killed a fellow pack member.

He eventually is named as a warrior, Fallenheart. His father and mother were proud of their son, but they never cared for Dawnmask, as she was unimportant as long as he was alive. He however loved his sister dearly and would die to protect her from harm. She was eventually "sold" to the son of the cat who had tried to kill her brother.

She went along with the plan no matter how much Fallenheart tried to get her away. He eventually fell for a pretty, young she-cat named Lilytail. The she-cat was surprised the leader's son and heir would want her, but she went along with it. She did eventually fall for him, but it took time. She was with him when his father died.

She sat next to him at his father's funeral. Fallenheart took his father's place with his mother's urging. Lilytail stood beside him as his mate, while his sister and her own mate became his closest allies. Life went back to a normal state, with only hunting and regular leader duties. But his life soon spiraled out of control when his pack mates started disappearing and reappearing dead.

He feared for his mate and families safety when he learned of Lilytail's pregnancy. She was overjoyed but he was worried. What if she got kidnapped? he wondered for weeks as more and more bodies started to show up. When one of his friends vanished and was found murdered by the thunderpath, he finally put his foot down. He sent out patrols to find what was killing his clanmates, but no culprit was found. Then came the day where his nightmares came true, Lilytail wasn't waiting for him when he woke up. She was gone. He started freaking out and he used all available warriors to try and find his mate and his unborn kits. They never found her body.

Three more warriors were killed after she disappeared before what ever had done it was finished. He only had 10 cats left in his once 26 member BoneClan. His mother died from a disease and he mourned her before she was swiftly buried. He became colder to his remaining clanmates, although his sister kept him happy.

The Earthquake Edit

The earthquake shattered through the area of the woods where his pack lived. The ground opened up around the camp and the cats started to panic. Three die on the spot and another cat is injured. He moves his cats away and heads through ShadowClan's territory in order to find a safe place for his injured and weary cats. He was attacked by some angry ShadowClan warriors and the remainder of his tail was chopped off.

They won the fight and killed two warriors in the process, the deputy of ShadowClan and a young warrior. His sister was injured in the fight, but she continued on with them to her brother's dismay. The wound became infected before their healer could help her and she left during the night with her mate. They were never seen again and are presumed dead.

He continued on although he was sad over his sister's disappearance. His warriors started to drop like flies as RedCough spread throughout their little pack until he was the only one left. He continued on his journey on his own. He soon became sick with GreenCough and collapsed a few meters from the TwistedClan leader, Twistedstar. She helped him the best she could by hiding him and squeezing some water into his mouth using soaked moss. She went and got her son, Crookedfoot, the medicine cat and they helped him.

She told her son to keep this a secret, as she recognized him as a rogue. She knew her cats would not take kindly to him and wanted to keep him safe until he was well enough to live on his own. She continued to bring him poultices and herbs from her son until he was well enough to travel. They however, had become close friends during her secret trips to nurse him. He had also become decent friends with her son, who came when his mother was unable to.

Change of Heart Edit

Fallenheart didn't want to leave anymore. He had made to many friends that he didn't want to leave behind. He told Twistedstar his dilemma and she said he should do what his heart wants. She visited when she could. He never left and Twistedstar knew he wouldn't unless she went with him. She wasn't going to leave her Clan without their leader until she died, though, meaning he would never leave.

Her trips earned the suspicion of her mate, Ravenheart, but he trusted her enough to not follow and spy. She told Fallenheart her deepest secrets, including her fading affection for her mate. He gave her the best advice he could with most of her problems and often told her stories of his adventures. They swapped stories and became closer in the process until she was leaving every other day to visit him.

Fallenheart fell in love with Twistedstar but didn't want to tell her. He knew she would always pick her Clan over him and the members of TwistedClan would never accept him, especially if he separated her and her mate. He knew she didn't love her mate, Ravenheart, anymore and she was scared to tell him. He comforted her when she was sad, and one night when she came running, he told her how he felt.

He planned to leave if she rejected him, but she didn't. He hadn't expected her to say she loved him back, and was ecstatic about her feelings. His den in the bush Twistedstar had originally hidden him in, was always getting torn and broken. She invited him to join TwistedClan many times, but he refused. She knew why and didn't question his answers.

He was surprised one day when Crookedfoot came to him with news: Twistedstar had given birth to a kit. Fallenheart was wondering why the Medicine cat had come until he realized what was happening. Crookedfoot told him of their son, and how his sister, Morningcloud, was nursing and caring for him along with her own two kits. He wanted to visit his son, but couldn't due to the hostility recently among the TwistedClan cats and two rogues who had attacked them.

He waited for a long time until Twistedstar finally visited again. She told him how sorry she was for not telling him about his son. She said she didn't want him to leave her but he was too happy to even realize her fear. She explained their son's disability. Whisperkit couldn't talk like a normal cat and when he did, it was raspy and broken. Fallenheart explained the mutations that had happened a lot in his family. His sister was born with six toes on one foot while his mother was missing half of her tail from a birth defect.

Life after Edit

For awhile, life returns back to it's normal, sluggish pace until Crookedfoot came running for him one day. He didn't have to say anything to make Fallenheart follow him. They came and he watched as his son was made and apprentice to Crookedfoot himself. He saw the scars on his son's throat and flashed his eyes at Twistedstar. She later met him and told him of the badger attack. She hadn't been able to leave while they were recovering from the incident and he soon realized he had almost missed his son's apprentice ceremony.

She left and he didn't see her til a few moons later. She explained that Whisperpaw had been switched to a warrior to mentor him. She explained Crookedfoot's prophecy and apologized for not getting to him sooner. He said it was fine and she shouldn't apologize.

Crookedfoot came to him and told him to follow him once again. They came around and spied Whisperpaw getting his warrior name, Whispercry. He left after and didn't see Twistedstar for quite some time after. He heard of a few attacks on the clan and became worried about her. His fears came true when Smokeclaw, her other son, came bounding up to him with horror on his face. He appeared at her side before she told the Clan their son's true father. Ravenclaw attacked Fallenheart out of anger and was pulled off by Whispercry and Wolfeyes (the deputy).

Wolfstar invited him into the Clan and her accepted. He bonded with his son and angered Ravenheart even further.

Outlaws Join the Clan Edit

After some time, four battered, starving cats appeared at the edge of the log bridge to the island where the clan lived. The four cats had been lead by a horseplace cat named Bracken, who had visited the clan with catnip from the barn often. He told them of the cat's appearance then left to return to his sister and mate.

The four cats, Doe that Steps Lightly, Cry of Soaring Hawk, Bloom and Dusty, were all looking for a better lives in the Clan. They accepted their invites in and Fallenheart was chosen to train them along with Whispercry and Smokeclaw. They caught on easily and soon were renamed as Doestep, Hawkcry, Tulipcloud, and Dustyfoot.

Appearance Edit

He has dark smoky grey fur that looks ashy in the sunlight. His ears are ringed with a darker grey color and his shoulder blades are striped with the same color. His eyes are a deep, forest green, flecked with gold.

His body is ringed with scars and missing patches of fur. His back right paw was torn off in the earthquake along with his ear and most of his tail. His legs are covered in nicks and old bites from other rogues.

Personality Edit


Relationships Edit

Twistedstar Edit

Fallenheart loved Twistedstar dearly. She cared for him when she found him half-dead and starved in the woods after the remaining members of his pack died. They became friends after she had visited often. She couldn't visit every night, but she tried to get out when she could and she always brought good news or a story to tell when she came.

She told him of her failing relationship with Ravenheart and how she didn't feel special to him anymore like she had when had taken him as her mate. She confessed her love for him and he realized the love he shared for her. He was extremely excited to learn he was going to be a father.


Death Edit

He died of old age with his son and grandchildren around him. Twistedstar came to him and led him up to StarClan where they watch their son lead TwistedClan together.

Quotes Edit

"We have to go! The ledges are crashing down!" Fallenheart to his rogue pack when the earthquake starts.

"These are my battle scars, and I live with them knowing I survived something most of my pack mates did not––the earthquake." Fallenheart to Twistedstar over his missing body parts and his scars.

"My fallen son, it is OK. You will become the leader of the pack." His mother, Burnface to him after the death of his father, the former leader.

"I'm so sorry, Fallenheart. I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid I would lose you like I lost Ravenheart. I only ever wanted to keep Whisperkit safe from losing both of his parents like I did. I only wanted to be a good mother to my last kit." Twistedstar to Fallenheart over her reasons for hiding their kit from him.

"I am who she says I am. I am sorry, Whispercry, for not being there when you needed me. I am sorry for hot ever seeing you, but I was afraid what would happen if the Clan found out you were half rogue or that your mother did not love Ravenheat anymore. It pained me to stay away, but I did what was best for all of us." Fallenheart to his son after Twistedstar's death.

"Welcome to TwistedClan, I am Fallenheart and this is Whispercry. We will train you to fight." Fallenheart to Doe, Cry, Bloom, and Dusty.

Ceremonies Edit


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