Fallenspire OceanClan
Clan(s) OceanClan
Basic Info
Parents Un-know. Was given up as a kit and grew up on his own
Litter-Mate(s) Un-know
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) None
Apprentice(s) Burnedstar


Fallenkit was given up at a very young age. When the kit was left to die in the woods, he seemed to train himself how to hunt and fight. He traveled far and found OceanClan. At his very young age he looked almost like a warrior. Un-knowing of his age at the time he was made a warrior.

OceanClan warriorEdit

When he became a warrior he was expected to be a great warrior. He trained and tried hard to be the best but seemed to have a very dark side. When he was given his first and only apprentice Burnedheart  he trained him harder than any cat should have been trained. In a way as Fallenspire trained Burnedpaw, Burnedpaw became like a son to him. Sadly during their last training days together, Fallenspire's body ceased up and he fell over. His body shook and wriggled for a few moments before his elderly heart gave out. His cause of death was a heart attack caused by the training. He was teaching Burnedpaw how to use his speed and light weight to win a battle. Fallenspire moved to fast and killed himself.


Fallenspire was accepted in to StarClan for being a very loyal and trusting warrior. He was given one day to talk to Burnedstar by the StarClan cats but Fallenspire told them he had said and tought everything he knew to Burnedstar. The StarClan cat's understood and walked away.


Fallenspire to Burnedpaw: "The trick is to wait. Waiting wins the war but might cost you the battle. If you trust in your heart, you will always win."

Fallenspier to Burnedpaw as he died: "You and i were a lot a like Burnedpaw. I give you my hope, dreams, and soul of the warrior. To finally give you these gifts... completes my life."