Feathersparkle WildClan
Clan(s) WildClan
Basic Info
Parents Amythest and Emerald and Amy (adopted parent)
Litter-Mate(s) none
Mate(s) Unknown
Children none yet!
Mentor(s) Amy and Stoenfoot
Apprentice(s) none

Feathersparkle is roleplayed by 4pinkbear.


Angelia was born a silver-tabby she-cat with swirling stripes and frosted green-blue eyes. Her mother and father was two kittypets named Amythest and Emerald. However, Angelia and her family were abandoned on the streets, and soon die. Angelia was found by a rogue she-cat named Amy, who recently lost her kits to a fox. Amy renamed Angelia to Feather for her soft, feather-like silver fur. Amy trained Feather to be a strong she-cat so she could raise a family of her own one day. When she becomes two years old, she strayed too far from Amy and meets Brackenpelt from WildClan, falling in love with him. However Brackenpelt was loyal to his mate the medicine cat of WildClan named Yellowleaf.


Feather was able to join WildClan, leaving Amy looking for her in horror and worry. However she had no trained as a warrior she was given a mentor named Stonefoot and was named Featherpaw. She soon became a queen and was named Feathersparkle when she found out she was expecting his kits. She wants to name one Amy if there is a she-kit.


Mother: Amythest

Father: Emerald

Adopted Mother: Amy

Mate: Unknown

Children: Coming soon