Fetcher is a large gray tabby tom with dark stripes, lighter gray paws, muzzle, and belly, and ivy green eyes.

Clan(s) Loner, Ryoui's Clan, Kittypet.
Gender Tom
Rank Loner
Basic Info
Parents Unkown
Litter-Mate(s) Unkown
Mate(s) Sweet ( Formerly ), Plum.
Children Hollywind, Toby, Snake, Tooth, Rock.
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Fetcher, along with Sweet are the parents of Hollywind and Toby. Born in Twolegplace along with three other cats, Fetcher was a kittypet. He met Sweet at young age and decided to follow her to the Lake. There they had there two kits. When Holly left follow Sootclaw to Thunderclan, Sweet decided to take Toby with her to a new owner. Fetcher however stayed behind.

After Ryoui came to the forest, Fetcher join into his clan. There he met Plum, Ryoui's daughter, and had kits with her as well. These were Snake, Tooth, and Rock.

During the battle against the Clans, Scorchstar sees a gray tabby on top of Violetstorm but she quickly knocks him off. With a cuff to the ear, Fetcher disappears into the bushes.

Names Edit

Kits: Fetcher

Kittypet: Fetcher

Loner: Fetcher

Ryoui's Clan: Fetcher

Trivia Edit

  • Fetcher wasn't evil, he joined Ryoui because he was afraid of him.
  • Scorchstar never knew her grandfather, as when she talked with Sweet she never said about him.
  • Fetcher is still alive but he probably left the lake after the battle.