FieldClan is warrior clan formed by runaway kittypets, it's terratory is an abandoned farm. The dens in the clan camp are abandoned twoleg buildings. The leader's den is an old twoleg nest, the medisin cat's den is the celler of the nest, the apprentise's den is the attic of the nest, the warrior's den is an abandaned barn, the nursery is an old chicken coop, and the elders den is an abandoned shed.


Foxstar-dark ginger spotted tabby with a white muzzle and amber eyes.


Waterdrop-blue-gray tom with a white tipped tail and amber eyes.

Medicine catsEdit

Silverspots-silver spotted tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Aprentice-Marigoldpaw

Moonpelt-blue-gray she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.


Muddypelt-dark brown she-cat with amber eyes. Aprentise-Mintpaw

Littleclaw-small light brown tom with blue eyes.

Cloverheart-big, stronge white tom with dark gray patches and amber eyes.

Cornfang-long haired black and white tom with yellow eyes. Apprentice-Shortpaw

Ratfoot-dark gray tom with yellow eyes.

Gingertail-ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes.

Whitetoe-black she-cat with white toes and green eyes.

Redflower-dark ginger she-cat with yellow eyes.

Rockstep-pale gray tom with blue eyes.

Sageleaf-light brown she-cat with a white muzzle and blue eyes.

Drizzlepelt-blue-gray she-cat with white paws and amber eyes.

Mousetail-pale gray she-cat with green eyes.

Goldenfoot-golden tabby tom with dark blue eyes.

Mudpool-brown she-cat with yellow eyes.


Mintpaw-white she-cat with pale ginger patches and green eyes.

Shortpaw-black and white tom with dark blue eyes.

Marigoldpaw-golden tabby she-cat with white paws and green eyes.

Pheasantpaw-brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Wrenpaw-pale gray she-cat with a white right back paw and dark green eyes.

Magpiepaw-gray tom with white back paws and dark green eyes.


Brightmeadow-tall, pretty ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Kits-exspecting Mate-Foxstar


None curently


Eggpelt-verry pale ginger she-cat with amber eyes.

Grasstail-ginger and white tom with one blue left eye and the other green.

Longleap-White tom with green eyes.

Halfear-light brown tabby tom with half a left ear with yellow eyes.

Smalltail-brown she-cat with blue eyes.

Acornfur-light brown tom with dark brown paws and green eyes.

Mistfur-pale gray tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

Cats in StarClanEdit

Fieldstar-black and white tom with yellow eyes.

Leapingstar-white she-cat with amber eyes.

Sunfoot-white she-cat with golden paws and blue eyes.

Bettlewing-black tom with a torticeshell tail and green eyes.

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