Fintail WhiskerClan
Clan(s) WhiskerClan and BlazeClan
Basic Info
Parents Red Butterfly and Mr. Scruffy
Litter-Mate(s) None(born a signal kit)
Mate(s) Blazestar
Children Scorchpaw, Silverpaw and Hazelpaw
Mentor(s) Masterstar and Whitefang
Apprentice(s) Blackeye



Fintail was born as a kittypet named Tohru. She was born a single kit to Red Butterfly and Mr. Scruffy. As a young kit she loved water unlike most other cats. She lived with her mother at her house. Sadly her father was killed by a Cat Jack the Ripper! Cats around the neighborhood were being killed by a cat murder. Tohru survived along with her mother. She soon went to live with a new family near her mother’s house.


Tohru wasn’t the only cat. There were two other cats name Raven and Blondie. They became her best friends. There was a rich family down the street with a cat named Prince. There were other cats too including Momo, a creamy white tom once thought to be a female, Haru a white and black tom and Rin a pure black she-cat who didn’t like Tohru much. The Cat killed was later caught had discovered to have some mental problems. Sadly soon after this Red Butterfly died. Her family soon got another cat named Kyo, who was a stay sub-adult wandering the streets.



Tohru's new friend Kyo left to become a warrior and his family got another kitty named Tiggy, a female cat that was the new breed call an ocicat. Tohru found Kyo now as Blazepaw in a warrior clan. He left to live as a wild cat. Tohru soon was choosen to be a warrior by Masterstar and she joined WhiskerClan against her will. Masterstar became her mentor along with Whistefang who helped out Masterstar and soon became deputy. She was named Finpaw since she loved water, strange for a cat. Finpaw trained till she became a warrior just like Blazepaw. She wasn't the only one, Ponneypaw became a warrior too along with Brightpaw.


Fintail, Ponneypelt and Brighteye became warriors all on the same day. They lived in the warriors den. Whitefang became Whitestar and Ironclaw became deputy. Soon Fintail got an apprentice named Blackpaw. She and Fintail soon became friends. Blackpaw became Blackeye after six moons as a apprentice. PhantomClan and FurryClan formed during that time. Then TwilightClan formed. Blackpaw lost her eye, which is how she got her name. Fintail felt into the river and was washed away from IvoryClan. She foudn hersef alone but not for long.


Fintail was found by some new warriors from another clan. This clan was BlazeClan. Fintail was taken as a prisoner, thought to be a spy from another unknown clan. Blazestar , fomrerly Blazepaw, reconized her and allowed her to join his clan. Fintail soon becmae Blazestar's mate. She had three kits named Scrochpaw, Silverpaw and Hazelpaw. Fintail is still in BlazeClan today.


Mother: Red Butterfly

Father: Mr.Scruffy

Mate: Blazestar

Daughter: Silverpaw

Sons: Scorchpaw and Hazelpaw




Blazestar BlazeClan

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