Founders Crimsonstar, Blackjaw, Rustclaw, Silverfang, Wild One, Ashpelt and Brownpaw
Current Stats
Current Leader Silverstar
Current Deputy Brownstripe
Current Medicine Cat Mudpelt

FireClan was formed by a splinter group of another clan. It was made up of eight cats who were joined by five more later and an EarthClan cat. They were the last to form of the four element clans, the others are EarthClan, AirClan and WaterClan.


Crimsonstar was choosen by the other founders to become leader. After the lost of Crimsonstar, Silverstar rose to take his place.


Blackjaw became the first deputy choosen by Crimsonstar. Sadly Blackjaw died in battle and Silverfang was choosen to succeed him. When Silvefang took the position of leader, she named Browstripe deputy.

Medinice Cat

At first no medicine cats splinter with the group. Howver the cats were soon joined by an Medicine Cat appentice from EarthClan named Mudpelt who became the first Medicine Cat.

FireClan Members

Leader: Silverstar – a sleek silver white she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy: Brownstripe – a brown tom with a white underside

Medicine Cat: Mudpelt – a dark brown tom with a white chest (formally EarthClan) Apprentice Sunrose

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Rustclaw – A red tom with a white underside with yellow eyes Apprentice Morningpaw

Snake-eye – gray brown tom with a white chest and green eyes Apprentice Tawnypaw

Dustyfur – a brown tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes Apprentice Flamepaw

Stromcall – a fluffy gray tom with deep blue eyes Apprentice Emberpaw

Redpelt – A rusty colered tom with green eyes

Ebonyclaw – a pure white she-cat with silver eyes Apprentice Honeypaw

Ivoryfang – a pure black she-cat with amber eyes

Ravenfeather – A pure black she-cat with yellow eyes Apprentice Cherrypaw

Mossclaw – a grey tabby tom

Rosefire – a dark brown and black she-cat with amber eyes

Bangertooth – a brown tabby tom

Apprentices (More the six moons old training to becoem warriors)

Sunrose – a bright yellow she-cat with blue-gree eye, Mentor Mudpelt

Morningpaw – a grey she-cat with blue eyes Mentor Rustclaw

Tanwypaw – a tawny she-cat with green eyes Mentor Snake-eye

Flamepaw – a ginger tom Mentor Dustyfur

Emberpaw – a tabby she-cat Mentor Stormcall

Cherrypaw – a fluffy white she-cat with ginger patches Mentor Robbinwing

Honeypaw – a sandy she-cat with blue eyes Mentor Ebonyclaw

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Speckleheart – a white, brown and tan she-cat with bright green eyes (Permanent Queen)

Gingerfox – a ginger she-cat (Tigerkit, Lightenkit and Thunderkit)

Robbinflight – a white she-cat with tan spots (Mother of Amberkit and Mousekit)

Elders (Retired warriors and queens)


Wild One – A black, gray and white she-cat

Ashpelt – a grey brown tom, blind in one eye

Blue Eye – a blue gray tom with deep blue eyes

Poppyflower – calico she-cat with white, brown and tan fur

Nightclaw – a black and white she-cat

Kittens (Younger then six moons)

Tigerkit – A golden tabby tom

Lightenkit – a golden tabby she-cat

Thunderkit – a tabby tom

Amberkit – A ginger she-cat

Mousekit – a grey tabby she-cat

All Known Members

A list of cats born or joined FireClan


Crimsonstar – A red tom with a crimson streak on his back, formerly the Leader, now in SpiritClan

Blackjaw – Black tom with a white underside and paws, formerly the Deputy, now in SpiritClan

Darkstreak – a brown tom with black stripes and spots, now in SpiritClan


When the group first formed AirClan became their first rivals. Then EarthClan became their rivals. WaterClan doesn't bother them much.


FireClan holds the Redwood forest as their territory. They are separated by two rives that form a y shape from WaterClan and EarthClan. They are only separated by a small shallow stream from AirClan. They live on a tall steep hill with a small grove of tree and bramble on top. The Leader's den is a hallow tree. The Medicine Cat's den is an arch of bramble encircled around three threes. The smallest is for the Nursery but the thorns had been removed under to protect the kits. The warriors' den is an old burrow dug out by a bear and once was used by a family of foxes long ago. The apprentices' den is an old hallow small oak tree that has many caverns and tunnels for them to practice in.

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