Firepoppy is a senior warrior of WaterfallClan who enjoys telling stories about her life. She is created by Cleverpelt

Firepoppy's AppearanceEdit

Firepoppy is a ginger she-cat with beautiful emerald green eyes. She is brave and heroic. She is very social and takes good care of the queens.

Firepoppy's HistoryEdit

As a Kit:Edit

When Firepoppy was a kit, she played with her brother, Cloudkit. Her mother Flowerfur, cared about her dearly. Her father, Stormwatcher, was a hero and always visited his daughter. Firepoppy always showed interest in the Elder's story, especially the story of Waterfall, the cat who seemed to fly on water.

As an Apprentice:Edit

As an apprentice, Firepoppy was extremely energetic and loved to learn. Her mentor, Bubblepelt, would try to calm her energy down. She failed everytime. Lightningpaw always teased her and pushed her around.

As a Warrior:Edit

Firepoppy and Lightningwhisker got their warrior names together. Firepoppy always loved Lightningwhisker, so she took him on as her mate. After a strange murder, Lightningwhisker becomes deputy. Owlstar dies of old age, and Lightningstar becomes leader. Firepoppy's life is harder than ever. Lightningstar is a cruel and murderous leader. Firepoppy is fed up with his acts. She kills him.

As a Mentor:Edit

Firepoppy mentors Tallpaw for a while, a white tom. Lightningstar kills him in a brutal training session. After he is killed, Tallpaw seems to speak to Firepoppy.

As a Queen:Edit

Firepoppy stays with Stonebreeze (a Ferncloud-esque type) in the nursery. She was sad her first-born (Birchfur, killed by Lightningstar) wasn't with her during her kitting. She gives birth to three healthy kits, Rockkit, Sunkit and Birchkit. (Named after Birchfur).