FlameClan was formed by eight loners and four rouges. Flamestar was the first leader.


One of the founders, Flamestar became the first leader. After he was killed by dogs his deputy Eyestar became leader. After Eyestar died Drakstar rose to power till he was killed in battle. Gingerstar became the new leader.


The first deputy was Eyefur was her deputy. After Flamestar was killed by dogs, Eyefur became Eyestar and was the second leader. Darkheart was his deputy and succeesor after Eyestar died. Darkstar's choose Snowpelt as the new the deputy but sadly Snowpelt was killed by a monster on the road. Gingerstripe became deputy. Darkstar was killed in a battle and so Gingerstripe became leader. She choose Brownfur as her deputy.

Medicine CatsEdit

Nightheart is the current Medicine Cat.

Current MembersEdit

Leader: Gingerstar - Orange she cat tabby with a white paw.

Deputy: Brownfur - Brown tabby tom Medicine Cat: Nightheart - Black long hair she-cat

Warriors (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Patchpelt - Black and white tom.

Blueheart - Gray she-cat with a white tipped tail,three white paws and a large white muzzle

Firestrip - Orange tabby tom

Silverstream - Silver tabby she-cat Apprentice Mudpaw

Snowflower - White she-cat with black paws

Midnightfur - a black tom

Bluepelt - a blue point she-cat Siamese

Raincloud - al ight gray tom. Apprentice Amberpaw Dawnflower - al ight brown she-cat

Whitestripe - a white tom Apprentice:Leafpaw

Apprentices (More than six moons, training to become a warriors)

Amberpaw - a black tom with amber eyes

Mudpaw - a dark brown tom

Leafpaw - a tortoiseshell she-cat

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Cloudpelt - a long haried white she-cat

Blackcloud - a black she-cat with a white chest

Elders (Former warriors and queens,now retired)


Whitefoot - a black she-cat with a white foot


FlameClan eats rabbits,fish,voles and mice.

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