Flowerstar EchoClan
Clan(s) EchoClan
Basic Info
Parents Rudy and Thomas
Litter-Mate(s) Fuzzy and Zoey
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Whiteclaw
Apprentice(s) None


Flower was born near BloodClan as a kit with a sister names and a sister named Zoey. Their mother was a female named Rudy. The small kits never knew their father since he disappeared before they were born. He was cought by the Scary Man with the net. Rudy took care of them with her brother named Socks. The kits survived their first few days but they Rudy moved them away from BloodClan and her territifing uncle Scouge. Socks located an amondon old shed for the small family to live in. This is where the cats grew up into become four moons old. Soon after this a new family moved into the house next to the shed and started to take care of the cats that lived their. Fuzzy and Zoey loved the three human kits and Socks and Rudy went back to living as kittypets. Flower didn't like the smallest human kit but she likes the other two. When Flower was a little older she wondered into the next yard where she found a tom named Whiteclaw. He told her about the warriors and she soon became to train like one.


Whiteclaw became Flower mentor. She had hoped to one day take anvange on the Man who took her father away and her uncle who allowed his sisblings to almost starve to death. Flower became Flowerpaw, named by Whiteclaw. She learned fast and even got her brother and sister to take part but they soon lost interest. Flowerpaw soon became an warrior.


She becmae Flowerpelt and after hearing about Scrouge from Jaggedtooth. Flowerpelt deciced to live as a wild cat liek Whiteclaw ones did. She asked Whiteclaw to join them but he was injured after falling into the river and was unable to be a warrior. He decided to stay. Flowerpelt left with the other cats after saying good bye to her mother, brother, sister and unlce. She left with Jaggedtooth and the other cats and discovered the Land of Fire over the hills. It wasn't too far from where her family lived. Flowerpelt became friends with Songpaw, a kittypet and Dandelionpaw. Soon Dandelionpaw became Dandelionfurand Songpaw became Songheart. When it came time to form the new clans Flowerpelt, Dandelionfur and Songheart left with Fishtail and his siter Ferntail to form a new clan. They met up with Battleclaw who didn't like Jaggedtooth very much. They wandered around in the forest bu discovered ForestClan had settled there. BlazeClan claimed the territory by the upside down water fall. StormClan had the highlands. All that was left was a canyon with a river in it. They settled there an formed EchoClan.


Flowerpelt had discovered the place and had led the other cats threw the forest and to the new territory. So the other cats decided to mae her leader. Flowerpelt became leader of EchoClan. She and the other choosen leaders discovered the Moontree and this is when all the new leaders got their nine lives and new names. She was now known as Flowerstar. She has led the clan threw a landslide so far and one flood. Flowerstar is proving to be a great leader but she still wants to find her father.



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