Founders Lightenstipe, Snowpelt, Stonetail Spottedpelt, Grassypelt, Mistfur, Leaftail, Rabbitfoot, Leaftail and Owlface
Current Stats
Current Leader Lightenstar
Current Deputy Snowpelt
Current Medicine Cat Stonetail
ForestClan, Like the other clans formed in the Land of Fire, was made by ex-BloodClan, rogues and kittypets. ForestClan took the thickest part of the forest as their terrirtory.


Lightenstripe became leader and took the name Lightenstar.


Lightenstar's sister Snowpelt became the deputy however she retired due to an injury and became a queen. Spottedpelt assumed her position as deputy.

Medicine CatEdit

Stonetail became the Medicine Cat, but he really was from BloodClan.

ForestClan Current MembersEdit

Leader: Lightenstar – a bright yellow tom with bronze stripes

Deputy: Spottedpelt – a mottled tom with yellow eyes and tuft of hair on his ears Apprentice Thunderpaw

Medicine Cat: Stonetail – mottled grey she-cat with green eyes

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Grassypelt – a mottle short hair tom with green eyes

Leaftail – a peach colored long-haired she-cat with blue eyes

Raccontail – a dark brown tom with a black face and ringed tail

Wolffang – a grey and white tom Apprentice Adderpaw

Rabbitfoot – a rust brown she-cat with green eyes

Petalpatch – a creamy tan she-cat Apprentice Rainpaw

Dropspot – a light brown she-cat

Suncloud – a creamy yellow tom Apprentice Fernpaw

Acorntail – a orange brown tom Apprentice Sparrowpaw

Ashcloud – a light blue grey tom with violet eyes

Campionheart – a black tom with blue eyes

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Thunderpaw – a creamy tan she-cat Mentor Spottedpelt

Rainpaw – a light brown she-cat Mentor Petalpatch

Fernpaw – a silve gray she-cat Mentor Suncloud

Sparrowpaw – a gray brown tabby tom Mentor Acorntail

Adderpaw – a ginger she-cat Mentor Wolffang

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Snowpelt – a snow white she-cat with a green and blue eye, former deputy, retired due to an injury (Mother of Bluekit and Songkit)

Mistfur – a silver and white marble she-cat once (Mother of Squirrelkit and Jaykit)

Leaftail – a peach colored long-haired she-cat with blue eyes (Expecting kits)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Owlface – ad old grey brown tabby tom, oldest cat in ForestClan

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Bluekit – a grey blue tom

Songkit – a a marbled silver she-cat

Squirrelkit – a brown tabby tom

Jaykit – a silver and frey marbled tom


The ForestClan's main rivals are the StormClan who live up on the platue above them. Their other rivlas are the BlazeClan and EchoClan.


ForetClan live in the thickest forest of the Land of Fire. Their home is hill, canyons, rivers and tall pines.

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