A shipping story with Brambleclaw/star and Hawkfrost.


Hawkfrost curled up in his nest, twitching. He opened his eyes, revealing a starlit plain with dark green grass tickling his paw pads.

He growled softly, claws extending to their full length.

"Hawkfrost." a voice called as several StarClan cats emerged from the trees lining the forest clearing Hawkfrost stood in. "StarClan is disappointed in you."

"Why should I care?" the RiverClan cat snarled, taking a step forward and lashing his tail.

The StarClan cats didn't respond. "Your choices have deemed you unworthy of your position as RiverClan deputy. You will be punished..."

The cats began to fade away back into shadow as Hawkfrost returned to his nest in the forest.

He lifted his paw and rubbed his head.

He groaned, looking down at his claws. Something was wrong. They were smaller, and his paw was much slimmer and more lean than it was before.

Hawkfrost rushed over to a pool of water and looked down into it. He gasped and recoiled at the sight.

He was no longer a tom. He had been transformed into a she-cat.