When Frost was born in the Icey hills of the Mountains, he loved to run around and show other cats who he was and what he could do. Always a spirited kit, Frost would always meow he would lead a great Clan one day.


After Frost grew up a bit he realized that his parents never shared much love for him. He fostered that hate and would always yowl at those who were older than him. He believed he was better, stronger, and faster than any of the cats. He heard that Night was forming a clan, so he took the chance and gathered rouges. He first formed LashClan, but the rouges hated the name and it became FrostClan by popular demand.


Frost lead his clan well and was well trusted by most his clan. However he would sometimes vent his anger on his warriors. Frost later chose a cat named Frozensoul, to lead his clan if he died. Frozensoul killed Frost later that night so he could become leader of FrostClan.


Mother - Unknown

Father - Unknown