Hey people I thought I might want to do a page because I haven't been on the wiki for a while. *cries*. But I have developed a plot about a cat called Frostclaw (at night after I read warrior cats books I imagine being a warrior XD) and please enjoy! And Frostclaw is white with silver stripes and Blue-gray eyes. ♦Silverfire♦

Chapter One: The patrol Edit

A breeze blew into the warriors den. Snow went in along with the breeze. A snowflake landed on Frostclaw's nose. She woke up. Applefur, a kittypet who recently joined, lay beside her. Why did Leafstar let that kittypet join? Most cats wondered. The deputy, Morningbreeze, waited outside Leafstar's den. "Frostclaw! Wake up the cats." Morningbreeze mewed. "Okay..." Frostclaw mewed. She whispered in cats ears "wake up" or "a patrol will start" and when she was done Morningbreeze chose the patrols cats. "Frostclaw, Applefur, Cloverwish, Blazepelt and me will go on the patrol, Leafstar." Morningbreeze mewed. She stared at Applefur suspiciously. "Morningbreeze, where are we going?" Blazepelt mewed. "We're going to check RiverClan and ShadowClan borders." Morningbreeze mewed. She smiled. "Why check ShadowClan? They are across the Thunderpath. They won't cross the border." Cloverwish mewed. "Who knows what ShadowClan is up to!" Morningshine hissed. The patrol went to the RiverClan border.

"This place is normal lets go." Morningshine mewed. The patrol went to Thunderpath. "I smell ShadowClan!" Applefur mewed. She ran fast to cross the Thunderpath. She was so fast she was a ginger blur. "GET BACK HERE IDIOT!" Blazepelt hissed. Applefur turned. A monster crossed the Thunderpath. "HURRY!" Morningshine hissed. Applefur jumped. She was in the center of Thunderpath now. She ran to the patrol. A monster passed by. The Two-legs in the Monster looked at the warrior cats, pointed their paws at them. Frostclaw's white tabby fur stood up. "Two-legs!" she hissed. Her blue-gray eyes showed hatred. "Haven't you seen one yet?" Cloverwish spat. "No. I don't need to know what those ugly creatures look like. They'll kill me!" Frostclaw hissed.

The patrol went back to ThunderClan. "What did you see at the RiverClan border?" Leafstar asked. "No cats. Simply perfect." Morningshine mewed. A brown cat tabby with a white underside with black and amber spots with green eyes ran to Frostclaw. "Sister!" she mewed joyfully. "Spotteddust!" Frostclaw mewed. The cats hugged. "I thought you died. What took so long?" Spotteddust asked. "Nothing. How are your kits doing?" Frostclaw mewed. "Fine. I got to go back to the nursery. Bye!" Spotteddust mewed. "Bye!" Frostclaw mewed back.

Morningshine's gray pelt stood out against the green grass. She always watched the clan and made sure nothing bad happened. Brackenfang, a timber warrior, started talking to Morningshine. Everyday this warrior talked with Morningshine. They talked bad about Applefur. Blazepelt was eating a raven. Frostclaw felt like talking. She walked to him. "Hi, Blazepelt!" Frostclaw mewed. "Hi, Frostclaw. You should hunt with Applefur. She would love to go hunting, no cat likes her!" Blazepelt spat in disguised. "That stupid she-cat thinks kittypets can be warriors! I'll shred her if I could!" Blazepelt continued. "You know what, I'll hunt by my self." Frostclaw mewed. She walked out the camp into the forest.

Gorse scraped her. She felt her legs sting. "Ouch!" she mewed. Frostclaw was happy when the gorse bush stopped. Then, a rabbit came in sight.

Chapter Two: Edit