Frostclaw IceClan
Clan(s) IceClan
Basic Info
Parents Wheezy and Zack
Litter-Mate(s) Blizzardstorm
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Quiverfoot
Apprentice(s) Snowsplash

Frostclaw is role played by Sir Rock.


Frostclaw was born into IceClan as a small black and white tom. His mother was a stay cat named Wheezy who died a few moon later and his father was a kittypet named Zack, who never joined the Clan. He was one of the first warriors along with his litter-mate Blizzardstorm. He grew into an apprentice and then a warrior, his mentor was Quiverfoot, who died only two months later. He got one apprentice named Snowpaw who later became Snowsplash. He is a good, reliable and loyal warrior.

Blizzard WarriorsEdit

Frostclaw went along with his brother Blizzardstorm and a few other cats to go see the monster Quaverpaw had seen. They only found a kittypet who followed them home. After the kittypet started for home Frostclaw along with Quaverpaw went with him to make sure he got home.


Mother: Wheezy

Father: Zack

Brother: Blizzardstorm