Galaxy clan was a clan of cats that was formed almost fifty years after the events of sign of the moon. These cats were apparently aware of space and the space travel efforts of humans. Five years after the clans formation, they waged war with Dolphin clan, a neighboring clan.


"My First Battle against Dolphin clan..... it was cold, the gound was slick, snowy, nothing at all like training. Of course that's how all new warriors felt wasn't it? All that work, all those years of training.... It doesn't really prepare you for the screaming or the blood does it? Frankly I'm still amazed both clans made through the first hour, let alone the first day."

--A Galaxy clan warrior, on the battle of the great grassland, approximately three days before being captured, interrogated, and killed by dolphin clan.

Galaxy clan was formed by a former pet of a scientist, named Mars. Apparently, Mars understood a remarkable amount of human speech, and was aware of space and human space flights. Three years after being adopted Mars' owner was killed by a heart attack. Mars apparently escaped into a nearby forest and spread his knowledge among the cats there. Eventually, Galaxy clan was formed with Mars, (now marsstar) as it's leader. however, unlike the neighboring cats of Dolphin clan, Galaxy clan left behind "primitive beliefs of afterlives and old rituals" and instead pursued more knowledge of space. This eventually led to conflicts with Dolphin clan. After one skirmish took the of lives five Dolphin clan warriors and two Galaxy clan Apprentices, Dolphin clan's leader Scalestar declared war on Galaxy clan. Eventually the two clans fought in the first real battle of the Great War of Starclan. Eventually Galaxy clan claimed victory, but at the cost of twenty warriors, while Dolphin clan lost twenty-five. Although both clans had lost one quarter of their warriors the war was not over: it went on for almost three years: at the valley of mercury, a Galaxy clan training area, three Galaxy clan apprentices were killed along with their mentors and escort of two warriors in a surprise attack by a Dolphin clan raiding party of ten. In retaliation, two months later Galaxy clan sent twelve warriors to the Dolphin clan camp, it was relatively undefended at the time: a spy had passed on to galaxy clan warriors when would be just the right time. The Dolphin clan deputy was killed in the raid, along with three apprentices. Scalestar was also serious wounded before three dolphin clan patrols came back to beat back the attack. six of the recalled dolphin clan warriors were killed before the raid party retreated. Two Galaxy clan warriors were captured. These warriors were interrogated and held hostage. The Galaxy clan spy talonfoot then attempted to rescue these hostages, but was caught, and was forced into a battle with warriors of Dolphin clan. The three other Galaxy clan spys were forced to participate in the battle.

The loss of nebulafootEdit

" I cant believe he actually left them in there! I'm out of here, and you better come with me. There's no telling who Marsstar will desert next."

--Nebulafoot, deputy of Galaxy clan, to sageskull after the desertion of the Galaxy clan spys, shortly before both warriors deserted Galaxy clan and became loners.

Although Marsstar was pressed to send an evacuation escort to the spys, he abandoned them to their deaths. Nebulafoot was very shaken by this choice. He stated that he would not follow a cat who abandons others to their deaths because it is a better strategical choice. Him and his friend Sageskull abandoned Galaxy clan and became loners.

Peak of the warEdit

As the war raged on, each side attacked each other in increasingly lethal raids. This eventually led up to a battle in the forested area between the clans territory. The conflict was eventually known as the Battle of the Star oaks. The battle ended in a Galaxy clan victory. However, Galaxy clan lost ten warriors and two apprentices. Dolphin clan lost fifteen warriors and three apprentices. The area was claimed by Galaxy clan.

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