Hailclan logo
HailClan's logo.
Founders Chillstar and Feather
Current Stats
Current Leader Pebblestar
Current Deputy Brighteyes
Current Medicine Cat Tumbletail
Owner Cela08
HailClan is a Clan set at the base of a chilly mountain on a grassland, where snow and cold air drifts down into the territory. The cats in this Clan often are burly with thick coats, with most exceptions being outsiders. It is in close proximity to two other Clans, SlateClan and BlossomClan. Due to an unfortunate history of many terrible leaders, far too ambitious warriors, and often bloody disputes with other Clans, members of the other two Clans often claim that "the cold air of their territory has chilled HailClan's hearts." While they are often ambitious, prideful, and selfish, HailClan hates their reputation and the fact that they are often used as a scapegoat for the other Clans. Instead of StarClan, they call their afterlife SoulClan and their afterlife for bad cats the Dead End.

History Edit

Founding Edit

HailClan, as with the other two Clans in its area, was founded when five cats - Chill, Feather, Tulip, Ore, and Geode got together to discuss the future for their loosely organized groups of cats. Tulip told them the stories of the Clans she had been told of as a kit, and the five agreed that was a good way to go about banding their followers together and keeping peace.

They only knew of three possibly good places to set up camps, however, so after much debating, Chill and his mate Feather were left with the short end of the stick, the base of the mountain. As they created their Clan, however, they realized they were the only leaders really suited for the chilly place. So, as their Clan was established, the members of HailClan took pride in the fact that they were strong enough to survive such chilly weather, even with how few prey sources there were.

However, Chillstar and Feather's relationship soon fell apart, as Feather stubbornly refused the Clan lifestyle. She eventually fled the Clan and died a rogue. Chillstar lead a long life for many, many moons, but lost his final life to greencough.

Dusteye's Thievery Edit

Dusteyes was a very notorious warrior in the earlier days of the Clan, seemingly always vanishing away and coming back with a haul of prey even when none was around. At the same time, the other two Clans had been beginning to starve, even when they could've sworn they caught plenty of prey. All three Clans had been suspicious of Dusteyes, and when Chillstar confronted him, Dusteyes at first denied it, and then in the very same breath he confessed to being the thief. After his confession, he promptly went on a rampage, taking one of Chillstar's lives and tearing down any cat in his path, regardless of Clan. Chillstar, along with Geodestar and Orestar of SlateClan, chased Dusteyes out of the territories for good.

The Awful Reign of Stripestar Edit

The third cat who became leader of the Clan was known as Stripestar, and was well-known for her tyrannical reign and her intention to destroy the other two Clans. Her ambitions had originally spawned from concern about the Clan - they had the least prey and territory out of all three, but she soon grew resentful of the other two Clans, seeing anything they did as "flaunting their good fortune" regardless of what they were really doing. So, she concealed her ambition until she became leader, and then began forcing her warriors to wage wars against the other Clans, and would often plan raids, even when there was nothing to take other than their lives.

Eventually, she was overthrown by her own Clanmates, who were sick of being oppressed and forced to waste lives on warring for no reason. She hid away at the top of the mountain, where everyone assumed she died from the cold and lack of anything edible. Her right-hand cat (and deputy), Briarfang, fled to BlossomClan under the alias of Root, a "poor, starving loner". After BlossomClan found out who he really was and that he was attempting to trick the Clan into making him the leader, so he could pick up where Stripestar left off, they exiled him.

Demisestar, AKA Stripestar Part 2: Electric Boogaloo Edit

Unfortunately for the three clans, Stripestar was very much not dead. During the reign of the fourth leader, Snapstar, Stripestar returned, with four of her lives left and now calling herself Demisestar. She had also met some rogues, named Ice and Paper, but they changed their names to Bloodclaws and Deathglare, partially to fuel Demisestar's vision of a vicious Clan and partially because Ice and Paper were stupid names. To top it all off, apparently Briarfang or "Root" had went back to Stripestar after being exiled, and changed his name to Revengefang.

Demisestar forcefully took control of the Clan, taking Snapstar prisoner in the elders' den... which was only empty because Demisestar decided to execute the elders for being "lazy". Then, she replaced the deputy, Silverear, with Revengefang. She often gave apprentices warrior names on the first day of their training, claiming that only failures need to learn how to fight. Most queens feared the thought of their kits reaching 6 moons under Demisestar's control.

However, Revengefang had ambitions of his own, and he had decided he'd rather be a leader than a follower. When he tried to make an attack on Demisestar, she decided he needed to be executed, and whichever of the two rogues was more brutal would get to be the deputy. Deathglare won, having eviscerated Revengefang. In front of the nursery, no less. So, when Demisestar was stricken with terrible injuries on her final life from yet another attack on the other two Clans - who weren't even seeing HailClan's attacks as a challenge now, as Demisestar was unintentionally destroying her own Clan - their medicine cat, Tunewhisker, refused to treat her wounds, and neither of her rogues knew how to use herbs. At Demisestar's death, Deathglare became Deathstar, and appointed Bloodclaws as deputy. (author's note: not a Star Wars joke on purpose)

Deathstar, unlike Demisestar, realized the Clan was becoming weak, and tried to make them act more like rogues than Clan cats. He did not believe in SoulClan, so he never got his nine lives. He also believed the Warrior Code was a bunch of hooey, so he tried to overthrow it. Tunewhisker was having none of that. Rallying the medicine cats from the other two Clans, Littleleaf of BlossomClan and Sharptail of SlateClan, they all convinced Deathstar he was very, very ill, and when he demanded herbs, they fed him hemlock leaves, claiming they were the only cure. The poison was extremely fatal.

With the death of Deathstar, Bloodclaws was next in line to be leader, but after seeing the fate of the previous two leaders, she stepped down and admitted she wasn't really cut out for the whole dying thing. She made her last act as a cat in high command being appointing Specklepelt as deputy, as there were no other rogues in the Clan now. Snapstar had wanted his position as leader back, but he admitted he felt he was getting too old for this stuff, especially because it seemed that HailClan was going to be the disaster Clan. Both Bloodclaws and Snapstar retired to the elders' den, despite Bloodclaws not being all that old. Later on she admitted that she retired because she heard it was a very calm and easy life before Demisestar had executed the previous elders.

And with that, Specklepelt became Specklestar, and the legacy of Demisestar died when Bloodclaws grew old and died in her sleep.

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