Founders Hawkflight, Ashtail, Stormtooth, Rainspirit, Sunfur and Sparklewing
Current Stats
Current Leader Newtstar
Current Deputy Sparrowwing
Current Medicine Cat Sweetwind
Warrior(s) Unknown
Apprentice(s) 4
Relatives 3
1 1
Owner Meerkatpaw
 HawkClan was formed by five exiled warriors and a medicine cat from an unknown clan.


At first, the eldest cat, Hawkflight, became Hawkstar and led the clan successfully for many moons. Her long life sadly ended after a snake bit her. Her daughter Rainspirit, later Rainstar took place as leader. However, she was accidently killed by Thrushheart, who later became Thrushstar. However, he later died after being attacked by a badger, leaving his deputy Yellowstripe as the new leader, until he died of a chest infection.Newtstep, his succesor, became Newtstar.


At first,  Hawkstar's brother Stormtooth took place as deputy, until he mysteriously disappeared a few moons before Hawkstar died. Rainspirit was deputy next, until she became Rainstar. Rabbitclaw, Rainstar's best friend, became the next deputy, until he died in battle. Thrushheart became the next deputy until he accidently killed Rainstar, so he became Thrushstar. Yellowstripe became the next deputy, until he became Yellowstar. Newtstep was deputy until he became Newtstar. Sparrowwing is the current deputy.

Medicine catsEdit

Sparklewing was the first medicine cat and was for many years, until she died peacefully in her sleep. Her apprentice Stumpyfoot became the next medicine cat for a long time as well, until he died, weakened from his old age. Sweetwind is the current medicine cat.

Current membersEdit

Leader: Newtstar: Grey tom with black markings and green eyes

Deputy: Sparrowwing: Brown tom with green eyes

Medicine cat: Sweetwind: Solid black she cat with amber eyes 


Wolfpelt: Grey she cat with green eyes Apprentice Frostpaw

Copperstrike: Golden brown tom with yellow eyes 

Hickoryheart: Brown tom with green eyes Apprentice Stonepaw

Timberfall: Dark brown tom with green eyes Apprentice Shimmerpaw

Stormblaze: Grey tom with a stripe of silver across his face and green eyes.

Nightblaze: Black tom with green eyes Wrenfeather: White she cat with green eyes Apprentice Morningpaw

Mallowflower: Yellow she cat with green eyes


Daisypool: White she cat with yellow stripes and green eyes, mother to Acornkit, Redkit and Hazelkit

Blackbreeze: Black she cat with green eyes, mother to Pebblekit, Pinekit, Palekit and Dawnkit

Feathersplash: Grey she cat with a scar down her shoulder and green eyes, mother to Ketrelkit, Rabbitkit, Thrushkit and Spiderkit

Russetfire: Russet coloured she cat with green eyes, mother to Poppykit and Smokekit


Stormtooth: Elderly dark grey tom with amber eyes, former deputy


HawkClan's only known rivals are the clan that the founders came from.


HawkClan's territory is an open space at the bottom of a stable cliff. Their hunting ground is a plain that leads into the more favoured forest. A creek separates the clan where the founders were born and HawkClan. A clan that they don't encounter is far to the west of the not so favoured plain. HawkClan's main prey are birds, voles and rabbits. They occasionally eat other forest dwelling prey and hares. 

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