Hawkflight StreamClan
Clan(s) StreamClan
Basic Info
Parents Goldenflower and Tigercreek
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Tigercreek
Apprentice(s) Stormpaw

The FlightEdit

Once a young and crazy kit Hawkflight was know for his insanity. But when Hawkflight had to fight for his clan, he changed. Hawkflight became stronger and stern. When he was given Stormpaw to train, he almost lost his temper. Hawkflight told Shadestar that giving him an apprentice would only make him feel older. Shadestar ignored it and gave Stormpaw to Hawkflight. After days of training, Hawkflight saw a little bit of himslef in his apprentice. He finally trusted Stormpaw enough that he stopped yelling at her. After her training, He and the newly named Stormheart hunted for a little. They went out on patrol and got ambushed by a badger. He couldn't find Stormheart after the attack, but she came home just one hour after the attack. Two days later Hawkflight lost the friend that made him a better cat.

Hawkflight is hardly seen in the serise, but he does appear in Stormheart's flash backs to her time in StreamClan. He becomes an elder around the time Stormheart is killed and later dies of pain he said was from losing the only apprentice that he could call friend.