Heatherlight is a WindClan warrior.

Description Edit

Heatherlight has some scars from her fight with the badgers when she was young. She is a pale ginger she-cat.

Backstory Edit

Heatherlight was born a rogue, with her sibling Blossom and Lightning. Her name was only Heather then. One day, when she was about an apprentice's age, with limited fighting skills, a couple badgers attacked her and her family, killing her father and leaving her mother with deathly wounds. Her brother, Lightning, ran off, afraid for his life. Blossom and Heather's mother died only a few days later, as Blossom and Heather had no medicine cat like skills. Blossom and Heather tried to survive on their own, and their journey eventually led the to WindClan's borders, tired, cold, hungry, and poorly groomed. WindClan, seeing that they were barely out of kit hood, offered to take them in. Heather, seeing how strong their warriors were, agreed immediately. Blossom, however, was nervous about the idea and declined, and Blossom and Heather had to say goodbye. Heather was accepted into the clan, and her new name was Heatherpaw. Later, she received her warrior name as Heatherlight, because of her speed and light that shone from her on the inside.