Honeyfrost and DeepClan belong to Mythies123.

Description Edit

Honeyfur is a rich gold, with flecked brown eyes and brown tints. She is lithe and sleek. Her hearing is rather acute, and like most DeepClan cats, her eyesight is very strong. Her pelt is thick and she enjoys being a wetclaw. She, along with the other wetclaws, catches fish in the underground river. She is very amiable.

History Edit

As a Kit Edit

Honeykit was born to (now deceased) Rockfall and Darkfur, both DeepClan cats. She showed an interest in the underground river and a taste for fish. Slatestar decided early on that Honeykit would most likely be a wetclaw.

As an Apprentice Edit

Slatestar apprenticed Honeypaw to Newtface, a wetclaw. Newtface was a grumpy, hard to please cat. However, he found Honeypaw an excellent trainee wetclaw. He taught her how to be a wetclaw, teaching her how to swim, how to catch fish, and how to build dams; as one of a wetclaw's primary jobs is to build barriers to prevent the river from flooding the tunnels. However, tragedy struck when Rockfall and Darkfur, Honeypaw's parents, were killed in a flooding of the camp, along with Thornwhisker, Ant-tail, Rockypaw, and even Newtface himself. Honeypaw blamed herself for not building the dams strong enough, and sank into depression. With the encouragement of her fellow apprentices, Ashpaw, Rapidpaw, and Boulderpaw, she recovered just in time to be given a new mentor, Stormshade.

As a Warrior Edit

Honeyfrost was made a wetclaw at ten moons.