Lone Daisy is a cat created by Daisypetal.

Life at a young ageEdit

Lone Daisy was born as just Daisy in a group of cats including her aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, and cousins. The group lived in the woods by a river. By that river lived a mate pair and their kittens.

Daisy's group consisted of her father Meteor, her mother Stripes, her uncles Bracken and Rust, and her aunts Sorrel and Sand. When she was born, Sorrel was expecting kittens too. A few weeks later, Sorrel had Jay and Poppy.

The three kittens grew up strongly and befriended the cats by the river, named Ocean, Sapphire, and their kitten, Splash. Daisy grew close to Splash and they became best friends.


Jay, Poppy, Daisy, and Splash grew into sleek adult cats with shining fur. More cats found out where they lived. Stripes had Daisy's siblings, Fire and Mist, and Sand and Rust were trying to have their own kittens.

Daisy was visiting Splash once when she ran into a gray tom. The tom's name was Smoke and they became friends too. Smoke bought his friends to meet the familes of cats. Their named were River, Berry, and Mouse. Poppy and Berry soon fell in love and Berry joined their group. River became smitten with Splash and joined her. Mouse went wherever Smoke and Berry went, and Smoke soon loved Daisy. And she loved him back.

Soon though, a raging fire spread through the woods. The River Cats ran to get help from the Forest Cats. It was too late though for some- Ocean and Sapphire died in the fire.

Daisy talked with Splash and thought the cats should make their own colonies in the woods. But Splash insisted on not leaving the river- she wouldn't leave the graves of her parents. So Splash made a colony by the river while Daisy made one in the woods.

Sand and Poppy were expecting kittens, and so was Splash. The colonies were assembled and the cats were assembled in 9 groups- the Leading Cat, the Second in Command, the Guards, the Hunters, the Messengers, the Trainees, the Nursing Queens, the Kittens, and the Elders. And so forth, this is were the colonies stand now.