To make an article for a cat first we name the cat and decide what clan they are in. Example: Firestar ThunderClan, Firestar belongs to ThunderClan the first clan he joined. If the Clan joined another Clan they don’t get that as a name. It is the Clan they first join or was born in, unless the previous clan is unknown such as Silverfang FireClan, who was a founder but her birth Clan was unknown. So if the cat say Owlheart was born in AirClan then his name as an article is Owlheart AirClan.

Character ProfileEdit

To make a good character, fill out this sheet for you character so you know them better. A good foundation for a character is a good start.


Clan: none

Breed: calico

Appearance: a black,white,and brown calico with Amber eyes

Parents: mother snowflower father stormpelt

Litter-Mates: hollyleaf and birchheart

Mate: none yet

Children: none yet

Mentor: none yet

Apprentice: None yet

Strengths: quick,and good at jumping

Weakness: small and scard of dark

Likes: water looking at sun sets and hunting brother and sister

Dislikes: the dark the thought of no clan and being alone

Special to this Cat: was lost one time and found way home all by her self got name in family tracker for finding home


Owlheart AirClan's Profile

Name: Owlheart

Clan: AirClan

Breed: Korat

Appearance: He is a big gray tom with blue eyes

Parents: Windflight and Airstar

Litter-Mates: Oakleaf

Mate: Hollypelt

Children: Foxkit and Buckki

Mentor: Harrypelt

Apprentice: Ratpaw

Strengths: His size and streanght, he is loyalty, his smarts and he is a good climber

Weakness: His size sometimes worngs against him, he is rather slow moving, has a fear or water.

Likes: being in high places, the sunset and rise and dandilions

Dislikes: thistle thorns loud nosies and water

Special to this Cat: Olwheart is the only son of Airstar and the one one of his chidlren who can have kits.


How to make Character Art

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