Character Art (also known as Charcats) is a picture of a fanfiction character that shows what they look like. But how do you make them? This page tells you.

Making a Simple CharcatEdit

To make a simple charcat, you must follow these steps. First, open a painting document on your computer. Now search Chararts in the searchbox here on Warriors Fanon Wiki. You will come up with a page with lots of different blank cat pictures. These are character art layouts. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see them all. Once you have chosen a layout that you like, drag it (or copy it, whichever is easier) into the painting document. Move the layout into the center of the page, and you are ready! Remember what your cat's fur color and eye color is (as well as any additional markings). If you don't, then go to your cat's page and read the description you put at the top of that. Fill the body and eyes of your charcat with the color of its feature. (In your painting document, of course.) After that, you are done. Congratulations! You have just successfully made a simple charcat!

Adding BackgroundsEdit

Adding backgrounds is optional (just as making charcats is) But, it always looks nice to have that extra thing. To get a background, search a nature picture on your web browser and drag it into your painting document. There! You have done a background! You could also draw your own background if you want. When you are done either thing, remember to save your charcat before uploading it here. Then, upload your image, put it on your character's page and you are done!

A cat with a natural background. Yours will look something like this, too.


A cat with a drawn background. Yours will look like this, too.

Smoketail LeafClan Charart

Your finished charcat will look something like this. But, looks will vary depending on the layout you chose and the color of your cat.