Template:Warrior cat character infoboxHummingwing is the mother of Robinstar and the mate of Mossdapple. She was a former Queen and Warrior of ShadowClan, although now she walks with StarClan. She was killed by rogues, leaving her only kit behind.

History/Biography Edit

Before Events of Series Edit

She met Mossdapple after she was apprenticed a moon or so after him. They became friends quickly as their mentors were close siblings and often trained them together. They were given their warrior names just a week after one another. They remained just friends even though they admitted their feelings for each other.

Hummingwing thought they were young to be having kits, so she chose to stay as friends till they were older. 6-7 months after their initial feelings talk, they decided to become mates. Hummingwing found out she was expecting their kit/kits only 3-4 weeks after this.

Sadly, Mossdapple died a moon after they found out about the kit(s). He died protecting her and 2 other queens from the rogues.

Feather of a Robin's Wing Edit

Hummingwing appears after Robinpaw returns from training. She's relaxing while healing from a recent battle. They talk and she later fights in the battle that takes Coldstar's final life.

She died not long after when a rogue warrior sneaks in and kills her while no one is looking. She is seen calling out Mossdapple's name before she dies.

Shattered World Edit

She is mentioned multiple times by Sunblaze and Wolfstar along with her mate, Mossdapple, as a hero and someone who fought for ShadowClan.

Description Edit

She is a creamy-white furred she-cat with a long, delicate tail and a black-tipped tail. She has pale blue eyes and a very kind sounding voice.

Personality Edit

She is a gently, loving, and caring she-cat. She was a good fighter and hunter, although she spent most of her warrior life helping the other queens and having her own kit.

She however was broken by her mate's death and chose before her daughter was even born to not return very often to her warrior duties. She would much rather help the other queens then fight and lose her life when she had a daughter to watch grow up.

Relationships Edit

Mossdapple Edit

She loved her mate very much and was shattered when he was found dead in the medicine den after almost getting himself killed to protect the queens. She became depressed by his death but stayed strong for her daughter. He was the one to lead her to StarClan when she died and she not watches over descendants with him from the skies.

Robinstar Edit

Hummingwing loved and cherished her daughter more then any other cat in the Clan. She was proud to have such a strong and beautiful kit who she knew would grow up to do something great. She knew by the bond her and Chasestar were developing that someday they would be mates, and she was correct. She was reminded everyday from her daughters appearance of her late mate, and it pained her to see her daughter but she soon got over it and saw her daughter for her daughter.