Founders Hunterstar, Aquafur, Charcoalpelt, Saberfang, Strongheart and other cats
Current Stats
Current Leader Hunterstar
Current Deputy Aquafur
Current Medicine Cat None
Apprentice(s) Unknown

HunterClan was formed by a splinter group of TwilightClan.


When the group was formed Hunterstar assumed ownership of the Clan.


When the Clan came into existance, Aquafur started helping out Hunterstar so he made him deputy.

Medicine CatEdit

Currently no medicine cat.

Current MembersEdit

Leader: Hunterstar – a big bronze colored tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Aquafur – a long-haired blue grey tom

Medinice Cat: None Yet

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Charcoalpelt – a sleek black she-cat with one white paw

Strongheart – a big curly yellow tom

Saberfang – a long-hair yellow tom

Apprentices (More than six moons, training to become warriors)


Queens (She-cats nursing or expecting kits)


Elders (Retired Toms and Queens)


Kits (Younger than six moons)



The HunterClan formed on TwilightClan's territory but the Clan mored near the FurryClan who are their main rivals.


Yet to establist a territory.

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