Founders Icestar, Freezefrost, Shiverfur, Snowpelt, Shimmerpatch and Silverleaf
Current Stats
Current Leader Icestar
Current Deputy Blizzardstorm
Current Medicine Cat Sparklecloud

Role Playing is closed till farther notice, IceClan is not taking in anymore role playing cats.

IceClan is for Role Playing. Their rivals are OceanClan. IceClan cats usuaully have earth tone pelts like white, brown, shades of gray or black pelts. They usualy are solid color or tabby or patchy, hardly ever spotted but dapple. Most often they have winter related names, or the animals that are located around or in their territory. These cats are very wary of humans since they hardly come in contact with the twolegs. They are light on their paws and can find there way through the silver white world they live in. their coast are thick so they hate hot wheather and do not feel the cold. They are used to light air do to the living in the mountains. IceClan cats are know for their hearing and are capible of hearing a mouse deep under a layer of snow.

If you wish to join, please read the Role Play Rules. Then please leave a Message on Aniju Aura's user talk about your joining and who who are. Once you receave a respond then and only then place your character in the proper place below.

The Role Play Center is Blizzard Warriors.


The leader is Icestar.


The deputy is Blizzardstorm.

Medicine Cat

The first Medinice Cat was Silverleaf. Now Snowflower is the Medicine Cat.

IceClan Members

Leader: Icestar – A silver white tom with blue eyes (Played by Sir Rock)

Deputy: Blizzardstorm – a brown tabby tome with white paws and amber eyes (Played by Aniju Aura) Apprentice Whitepaw

Medicine Cat: Sparklecloud – a mottle silver she-cat with grey blue eyes (This cat is available)

Warrior (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Frostclaw – a black and white tom with yellow eyes (Played by Sir Rock) Apprentice Silverpaw

Skyfur – a silver tom with pale blue gray patches and yellow eyes (Played by Sir Rick)

Icicletooth – a sleek silver tom (This cat is available) Apprentice Graypaw

Apprentice (More than six moons old training to become warrior)

Whitepaw – a white tom with white paws with yellow eyes (This cat is available) Mentor Blizzardstorm

Graypaw – a gray tom with white paws and yellow eyes (This cat is available) Mentor Iccletooth

Silverpaw – a sleek grey and white she-cat with blue eyes (This cat is available) Mentor Frostclaw

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)

Snowflower – a silver she-cat with yellow eyes (Mother of Cloudkit and Powderkit) (Played by Sir Rock)

Elders (Former Warriors and Queens Now Retired)


Kits (Less then six moons)

Cloudkit – A long-haired white tom (This cat is available)

Powderkit – a small pale silver tom with blue eyes (This cat is available)

All Known Members

A list of cat who were born or joined IceClan.

Silverleaf – a small slender silver and black with blue eyed she-cat, former Medicine Cat

Freezefrost – a grayish tom

Shiverfur – a short haired, grey she-cat with amber eyes. Her fur pattern is that of a tiger.

Lilyclaw – a short haired white she-cat with blue eyes

Snowpelt – a short haired white tom with blue eyes

Shimmerpatch – sparkly silvery-gray she-cat with a white tail-tip

Snowstorm – a short haired white she-cat with blue eyes.

Cleartalon - a snowy white tom-cat with a black smudge on his back.

Rosetail – a very pale white she-cat

Slipperyfoot – pale blue she-cat with silver patches and big, green eyes

Gracepaw - A sandy golden she-cat with a small limp in her left front leg and aginger band around her eyes

Spottedface – beautiful spotted she-cat with amber eyes

Thrushpelt – small pale brown tom with fur that sticks out at all angles

Shiverfur – a short haired, grey she-cat with amber eyes. Her fur pattern is that of a tiger. (Played by Burnedstar)

Bravestorm – a black and brown tom (Played by Khortonworld)

Flakepelt – a long haired silver she-cat with pale blue eyes (This cat is available)


IceClan's main rivals are OceanClan. There other rivals are MetalClan and JungleClan.


IceClan live on the snowy mountians. They hunt, birds, mice, fish and squirrels. The Camp is located in a small valley in-betweeen two rocky hills over looking the forest. The Leader's, Nursery, Elders and Warriors' Dens are located under the rocks in small caves. The Medicine Cat's Den is found under a fallen tree next to a large boulder. The Apprentices' Den is located in a hollowed out tree.

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