Icestar IceClan
Clan(s) IceClan
Basic Info
Parents Lola and Frank
Litter-Mate(s) Mittens and Harley
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Storm
Apprentice(s) Quaverpaw

Icestar is role played by SpazzyFox.


Icestar was born a kittypet named Big Will. Hid mother was Lola and his father was Frank, both kittypets. His litter-mates were Harley and Mittens. His kittypet name was Big Will. He was adopted by a twoleg and for a year he lived with his twoleg. Then one day his owner was hit by a car trying to save Icestar for suffering the same fate. After the death of his owner, Big Will left his home and wondered in the streets for days. He returned to the winter lodge his owner had onced own. There he lived and met other mountain cats, including his mentor Storm. He was a big wild cat who took Big Will in and thought him how to survived. Storm nicked named Big Will affectionly Iceypelt becuase of his silver pelt and his beep blue eyes. After Storm was killed by rogues defeating the weaker cats fo hsi group, Big Will decided to end the pointless killing and allow the weak to become strong. He saw this in the form of joining together because the weak could become strong as a group.


This is when he united the wild mountain cats to form IceClan. He became leader by defualt and took the name Icestar, becuase the other Clan's leaders had start in their name. His medicine cat became Silverleaf and the deputy became Blizzardstorm. His apprentice is Quaverpaw.


Mother: Lola

Father: Frank

Brother: Harley

Sister: Mittens



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