Icewind is a solid silver-gray she-cat with a darker stripe on the top of her head, and pale, ice-blue eyes.

Icewind StreamClan
Clan(s) StreamClan
Gender She-cat
Rank Elder (Formerly Queen)
Basic Info
Mate(s) Cougarstar (formerly), Fireleaf (formerly),
Children Graymist, Silverstorm, Moonstream, Leafpaw
Age 69 moons (5.75 years)
Owner Mayahzdog09

Information Edit

She and Cougarstar were friends ever since they were apprentices, but Icewind also had a crush on Ashheart, the deputy, but she also liked Cougarstar, who was Cougarclaw at the time. When Ashheart got in a fight with Clawnose, she watched the fight, but then Ashheart was killed when Clawnose threw him off a cliff. Icewind was devastated, and then the evil leader of StreamClan, Shredstar, never even cared. Soon, Shredstar was exiled, and Cougarstar became leader, but only got 8 lives because Shredstar never officially retired at the Moonstone/pool. Later, Icewind became Cougarstar's mate, and had three daughters, Graykit, Silverkit, and Moonkit. When Cougarstar was killed by Bloodstar many moons later, Icewind was devastated. 1 moon afterwards, she attempted to move on by becoming mates with another cat about the same age as her, named Fireleaf. She bore a son named Leafkit 2 moons later, and a week before a flood was in StreamClan camp, and Icewind's daughter, Silverstorm, saved Leafkit, and Dewkit, who was another kit, from drowning, but when Silverstorm tried to save another kit, Goldenkit, she and Goldenkit drowned in the process. Icewind was too depressed to keep doing her warrior duties, and wanted to retire to an elder, and Echostar called a clan meeting to announce that Icewind was retiring. Later, at Silverstorm's burial ceremony, Icewind shared tounges with her daughter for the last time, and then, in the morning, she and the other elders buried Silverstorm. Another moon later, Fireleaf died from greencough. Icewind caught greencough, but Graymist treated it with catmint.