Ivan is David's father and is a reseacher for the camp site near by. He allows his son David to keep animals he finds. He also doesn't mind his son keeping them and helps him to save the animals. He is teaching his son how to be a animal reseacher too. His wife name is Carol and he has two other kid, one son and one daughter. His two other kids aren't that interested in animals like David. His son David loves animals the most. He other kids still like having pets.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Ivan is tall and muscular. He has a scruffy face and deep blue eyes. He wears a big think brown jacket that protects him from the elements while he is in the field working. He is a calm person and is very patient. He can be quiet at times and is very wise.


Wife: Carol

Sons: David and unnamed

Daughter: Unnamed


David Starsky

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